The Batman Concept Art Reveals a Different Riddler Logo

concept art for Batman Some slightly different logos have been revealed on Riddler’s outfit. This DC Comics-based superhero action movie hits theaters in March and attracts a lot of attention thanks to the dark tones of director Matt Reeves. The film traces Bruce Wayne/Batman’s (Robert Pattinson) early years in the fight against crime, exposing corruption as he hunts down Gotham City’s own Zodiac Killer in The Riddler. Played by Paul Dano, Batmanversion of the iconic villain, who finds himself inspired by the cloaked crusader as a serial killer, targets Gotham’s elite and streams his acts live. his movements.

Comics fans are familiar with the character Edward Nashton, better known as the Riddler, and his portrayal of a crime mastermind who mocks Batman and law enforcement by adding The puzzles into his crimes can be deciphered as clues. Riddler, most notably Jim Carrey in the 1995 film batman forever, which involved a certain degree of camping and hype, Dano’s performance was clearly chilling. wearing clothing that covers the face, including baggy clothing, BatmanRiddler doesn’t look like any other interpreter. Dano’s outfit, usually a bright green suit filled with question marks or a spandex suit, complements Matt Reeves’ real life, while also looking more traditional and unsettling, only there is a single question mark symbol on his jacket.

Now, Glyn Dillon, one of the costume designers Batman, is sharing some Riddler costume art ideas on Instagram, including various logos. Instead of a question mark surrounded by icons, other designs include a question mark in the center of what appears to be a range and a question mark placed in the middle of a target. Dillon shared that while his primary responsibility was the Batsuit, he created these Riddler concepts for and with Jacqueline Duran. Check out the images from Dillon’s post below:

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Initial reaction to the outfit was mixed, with some mocking Riddler’s appearance. Given that this is a far cry from previous claims, some people started making comparisons on social media Batman From Character to The Gimp pulp including michelangelo Ninja TurtlesHowever, many defended the film, expressing interest in its resemblance to Zodiac, and with Dano’s disturbing portrayal of the film receiving raves after its release, with many negative reviews. pole also follows.

It’s been fun to watch the characters in the movie, but it’s safe to say that the final version of the Riddler costume created is the ultimate version of Matt Reeves’ vision. and batman 2 Once confirmed, audiences can expect to find out what the other villains in the series are and whether their roles are as dark as Paul Dano’s method of The Riddler. Batman It seems to indicate that any of the characters introduced could take on a completely different look from the comics or previous projects, so audiences will have to wait and see.

Source: Green Dillon

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