Hazbin Hotel Videos Reveals New Look At A24 Animated Series

Creator Vivienne “VivziePop” Medrano has released the first looks at A24’s upcoming television series Hazbin Hotel in a series of short videos. Hazbin Hotel was originally a 31-minute long pilot project posted to YouTube by Medrano in October 2019. The pilot, which currently has over 82 million views, became a viral sensation, leading to Medrano releasing a spinoff series called Helluva Boss, two Hazbin Hotel webcomics, and a full-length music video. In August 2020, Hazbin Hotel was picked up by production company A24, who ordered a full television series of the show. While there has been no official release date for the series yet, it has been revealed that A24 is looking toward a Summer 2023 release.

In a post to Medrano’s Instagram page, she reveals four short first-look videos at the upcoming Hazbin Hotel series. The videos, which are all silent, are quick looks at characters from the pilot episode, with their redesigned looks. The first video shows Alastor and Vox, while the second sees Angel Dust dancing on a stripper pole. Most notably, the third reveals the first look at the show’s Sir Pentious, and the fourth shows a slightly smoother animation style than the pilot, with Vaggie picking up Niffty in an attempt to throw her. Check out the videos below:

How Hazbin Hotel Will Differ from the YouTube Pilot

Notably, the videos released by Medrano have no sound, meaning that viewers haven’t yet heard what the characters will sound like for the A24 series. In December 2021, it was revealed that pilot voice actors Michelle Marie (Niffty), Elsie Lovelock (Charlie), Michael Kovach (Angel Dust), and Krystal LaPorte (Cherri Bomb) were not asked to return for the A24 television series. While the actors all expressed their disappointment in this decision, they also gave Medrano and Hazbin Hotel their full support, with LaPorte saying “Roles get recast, fame goes away, money dries up, shows ebb and flow… the only thing that IS real are the bonds you build throughout the journey.”

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Since February, Hazbin Hotel has released images of their newly redesigned characters, showing how they will differ from their pilot appearances. While the design changes are fairly minor, the animation style is a little different, with brighter colors and a smoother, more streamlined look. Some fans of the original pilot have worried that Hazbin Hotel being adapted by a major production company might mean some big changes to the show’s style, but the released images and video footage have been reassuring.

While there have been major casting changes and some animation differences as well, Hazbin Hotel fans are now more eager than ever to see the full series. Comments on Medrano’s post praise the smooth animation style and the appearance of characters like Vox, while others have begun to question whether or not the series will be accessible outside of streaming platforms, as A24 was not yet revealed where the show will be released. With the first look at the series being fully revealed, however, viewers are potentially only months away from seeing new Hazbin Hotel episodes for the first time since 2019.

Source: Vivienne Medrano/Instagram

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