On My Block: Is Cuchillos Really Dead? How She Could Return In Season 4

on my block Season three introduced a new villain, Kukilos, but the psychopathic leader of Santos failed to survive. Although Ada Luz Pla’s character appears to be dead, there is speculation that she’s not really gone forever. Here’s how Kukilos returns in Season 4 of the Netflix series, and why it might involve a larger plot.

at the last moment on my block In season two, Mons, Cesar, Jamal and Ruby are kidnapped and forced into a mysterious truck. on my block He immediately introduced Kukilos and asked who planned the kidnapping. Cesar realizes that she is the leader of the Santos gang he was trying to escape. The group is forced to agree to her request to find Lil Ricky, who Kukilos believes is still alive. Though she gives Rollerworld money in exchange, it turns out that Kukilos can be extremely dangerous if they don’t respond to her request in time.

what was found in the process on my block The story of the third season is that Kukilos is behind the World of the Roller heist, and she wants to find Lil Ricky to kill him herself. As Cesar’s brother Spucci continues to lead the Santos gang, he becomes more worried about the rival 19th Street gang. He then realizes that Kukilos is the reason his father is in jail, so he tries to make a deal with 19th Street to get her out. They stuck to the truce, and 19th Street apparently killed Kuchilos. The Core Four witnesses her body in a shallow grave before members of 19th Street burn her body. According to co-founder Jeremy Haft (via hollywood life), the idea of ​​Kukilos faking his death gave him “Another Season 4 Idea That We Didn’t Think Of“Although it seems illogical considering what is shown, on my block There may be some tips.

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Why did Kukilos fake his death

If Kukilos staged a fake death, then the main question would be why she made that decision. Kukilos and her followers form the Wraith, but they seem to be on his side. If death is an act, that means she’s working with 19th Street. In this case, Kukilos must be trying to achieve some greater end. Full control of Santos and 19th Street was possible. She probably wanted the Core Four to witness her “body”, so news of her death spread. That way, she can control things from the shadows without someone like a ghost causing trouble.

This is not the first time on my block The character pretends to be dead – if Kukilos is really alive. While searching for Jr. Ricky, Ghost and Jamal discover that the man’s tomb is empty. He is presumed dead, but that no longer seems to be the case. Kukilos may have a future in the Lil Ricky mystery series, which could lead to her return to the series. If there’s one thing the television scene has taught us, it’s that some things aren’t always what they seem.

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