Doctor Who Almost Did Chibnall’s Controversial Cybermen 40 Years Earlier

A version of the controversial CyberMasters, first published on Which doctor? Season 12, Episode 10, “Eternal Child” appeared on the show nearly four decades ago. The Master (Sacha Dhawan) used the corpses of the Time Lords he killed to create a new unstoppable race of Cybermen, thus granting them the gift of rebirth. While the idea is great, fans think the design of these new Electronic variants with the Time Lord’s cape and headgear is a bit silly.

However, the concept of cyborgs with the gift of a Time Lord was a horrible idea, already in Which doctor? Expansion media, such as the Titans . comic book series the first Internet personThe series depicts an alternate timeline in which disgraced Gallifrey president Rassilon gives the Cybermen the secret of time travel so they can take over all time and space. Oddly enough, the aftermath of the Gallifreyan Cybermen wasn’t really explored in a major TV show until “Eternal Children”. However, in 1982, Which doctor? In 1983, on the show’s 20th anniversary, plans were almost made to introduce CyberLords (Reincarnating Robots).

Cyber-Lords is planned for 1982 (but not Doctor Who)

In 1982, plans were made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Which doctor? The next year. Producer John Nathan-Turner is keen to celebrate this important milestone with a feature-length film special. Renowned writer and former screenwriter Robert Holmes has been offered the job Which doctor? Especially celebrating with all five incarnations of the Doctor, their companions, magicians and cyborgs. The plot of Sherlock Holmes involves a cyber-human plan to harness the Doctor’s regenerative powers to create a new type of unstoppable cyber-human.

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Holmes can have two storylines. One will ask the Cybermen to create a robot clone of the first Doctor, which will lure the remaining incars of the Doctor into a trap, from which the Cybermen will conduct experiments on each incarnation. doctor. The second choice is that the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davidson) will be captured by the Cybermen and their experiments will trigger the degradation through previous versions of the Doctor. In the end, Holmes, unable to assemble his ideas and the large cast of doctors, aides, and past villains into a workable scenario, left the project and the Bullying storyline. network is removed.

The writer of Cyber-Lords also predicted the Eternal Son

The Brain of Doctor Who Morbius

Robert Holmes was replaced in the 20th anniversary special, later known as five doctorscreated by former Sherlock Holmes screenwriter, Terrance Dicks. The two frequently worked together throughout the 1970s, including Terrance Dicks’ Frankenstein –Inspiration series Morbius’ brainHolmes has significantly rewritten the series, including the climactic battle of wills between the Doctor and the evil time lord Morbius. During the battle, eight faces – believed to be avatars never seen in the Doctor’s past – appear on screen, one of which belongs to Robert Holmes.

Fans at the time ignored the possibility that these men were doctors in the past, but Chris Chibnall was Which doctor? Fans do not ignore the revelations Morbius’ brain instead of making them an integral part of his time. Interestingly, the most controversial Time Lord story that aired before Chibnall’s “Eternal Child” was by Robert Holmes. deadly assassincaused an uproar among audiences in the ’70s. Chibnall’s inclusion of Robert Holmes as the official doctor in a controversial episode also helped Holmes pay back his CyberLords idea from 1982, a nod to the house. legendary literature Which doctor?.

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