Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney’s 10 Best Outfits

Sydney Sweeney as Cassie, a girl constantly searching for love in the HBO series Happiness. While she can make mistakes when looking for romance, this girl knows how to design an outfit that reflects how she feels at any given moment.

Cassie’s style went through some pretty drastic changes in Season 2, but she’s retained her soft and gorgeous look for most of the movie. All that said, she has many amazing outfits that prove that she really is a style icon. Cassie looks just as stylish as Sweeney outside of the show.

Dress to impress McKay

This was one of the first outfits viewers saw of Cassie, and while it wasn’t a costume spectacle, it showcased her personal style very well. Not only does it incorporate some of her favorite colors – pink, blue, and white – but it also keeps a bit of an edge with her sneakers.

Cassie isn’t quite as committed to an all-feminine outfit, with more casual shoes more in keeping with her laid-back personality in season 1. It’s clear she wants to grab the attention of the crowd. McKay, but she didn’t change her style because of him. Not to mention, the velvet fabric of the dress makes it look super comfortable.

combined with Maddie

Cassies co-stars with Maddy Look In Euphoria

Accidentally becoming a twin to Maddy wasn’t Cassie’s greatest moment, but the matching halter top looks great on her and it’s great to see her trying to show off her friend’s style his closest friend. Obviously, it’s not her own personal style, and although she and Maddy are similar in many ways, her exaggerated makeup style and confidence make up for it.

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Sadly, it’s not the best look because it’s her own physical image that she needs to be liked. She looks happy, but just because she thinks being someone else who isn’t her will get her more romantic attention than in her usual clothes. Even teal is out of Cassie’s comfort zone.

Cassie’s pink party dress

Cassie poses with friends in Euphoria

The pink dress Cassie wore to Maddy’s birthday party really accentuated her ethereal nature. The flowing, pleated dress emphasized her childlike innocence in love, as well as the innocence of her relationship with Nate.

Unlike season 1, this outfit doesn’t have any colorful elements, instead really focusing on the gentle femininity that Cassie exudes. This outfit is so cute but it’s not her best outfit, as she wears it to please Nate, not herself.

her light pink swimsuit

Cassie and Maddy chat by the pool in Euphoria

Cassie wore this swimsuit during her romance with Nate, and the cute style perfectly suits the way she’s changed for him. That said, this bow tie high-waist swimsuit has a slightly vintage design. In a way, this echoes Nate’s vision of living with Cassie.

All in all, the outfit is cute, but her pink shade adds a bit of playfulness to the outfit. This shows that she doesn’t see clearly her relationship with Nate or her main friendship with Maddy. She doesn’t see any red flags, and that goes well with her sweet, innocent-style outfits.

her bathing suit

Cassie hides in the bathtub happily

The outfit is adorable, and although Sydney Sweeney doesn’t wear it in this photo, she did wear a denim jacket over the dress in an earlier scene, matching her fashion choices from season one. She has a fleeting, feminine look, but has a more casual edge.

Both her spaghetti strap dress and kitten heels have ’90s and early 2000s vibes, a perfect match for her ever-changing aesthetic. Cassie’s little crystal makeup also adds color to her outfit, evoking an angelic feel and enhancing her fashion sense. Happiness.

her carnival dress

Barber in Sydney dressed happily in carnival

Cassie’s carnival look is underrated but slightly edgy. A light blue necklace with a royal blue skirt emphasizes her boldness while giving her a softer element that complements her youthful makeup and innocent facial features. she.

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Again, this style fits her season 1 perfectly, emphasizing her need to be seen and loved. She has no idea what’s going on with her relationship with McKay, and looks suggest she’s not dressing him up. The metal on her shirt suggests she’s a bit more defensive than usual.

What does oklahoma look like?

Cassie in Oklahoma in Euphoria

This look is possibly one of the most controversial Happiness Season 2 because many fans loved it and others hated it. Although it’s a bit glitzy and western, all the items are cute, and Cassie’s hair is shaggy and bouncy.

While this western style is completely out of Cassie’s usual wardrobe, it shows that she has no idea what Nate sees in her or what he wants in a girl. She tried to make her style more feminine with iconic outfits, but was overwhelmed by contrasting patterns.

Floral cutout swimsuit

Cassie walks down the stairs in Euphoria

The swimsuit is Cassie’s most iconic outfit in Season 2, as she wore it all the way to the bottom while vomiting in the pool in front of her friends and Nate. The suit itself was cut out and edgy, but it still matched her pink and blue color scheme.

What makes this suit stand out, however, is that Cassie wears it to be seen and to make a statement. While she often chooses her clothes unconsciously to make others like her, this is one of the few times when she intentionally makes herself the center of attention and backfires.

What does Lexi think of Cassie’s style?

Cassie's costume for Lexis' mock performance in Euphoria

The dress is one of the cutest dresses Cassie has ever worn, but unfortunately it only appeared in one scene. This dress, and several others presented here, show how Lexi, who possesses the main character’s energy, looks at her sister and how she attracts boys with her sexy yet sweet style. his sweet.

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The dress not only accentuated her waist with a cute bow, but also matched Cassie’s previous fashion choices, as it had a cut that made it look more edgy. Overall, it’s clear that this suit deserves more screen time.

cowboy clothes

Cassie standing alone in a cowgirl outfit in Euphoria

This outfit is iconic because it encapsulates how Cassie sees herself as she feels empowered. She’s sexy in a lace blue bra and printed denim skirt, but what makes this outfit iconic to her is that she wears it for herself more than anyone else.

Sure, she was dating McKay when she wore the suit, but its boldness is something Cassie lost in season 2. Her eye shadow and confident walk down the stairs are eye-catching. in this suit and is absolutely one of her most original looks. Not to mention, it’s one of her best cosplay outfits.

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