Long-Awaited Babylon 5 Reboot Gets Grim Update From Original Star

Original Babylon 5 Star Bruce Boxleitner gave a grim update on the state of the long-awaited reboot. Created by J. Michael Straczynski, this hit sci-fi series takes place aboard a 23rd-century space station operated by human military personnel that serves as a neutral point for diplomacy and commerce between species. The show originally aired for five seasons in the ’90s and spawned numerous TV series and spin-off series, but it still has a passionate and passionate fan base. In 2021 it was announced that Straczynski had been invited to write “full rebootOriginal programming from Warner Bros. and The CW.

Since then, news of the progress has been almost Babylon 5 Restarting is inherently fragile. More recently, Boxleitner, who played Captain John Sheridan in the original show, and Comics network During the All The Disney Thrills event at Walt Disney World. When asked if there is any new information about the long-cherished reboot, the actor revealed that there is not yet.heard one thing. “ Check out his review below:

I can not hear anything. I can not hear anything. I know companies like Warner Brothers and The CW are doing major corporate restructuring, so I don’t know how that’s going to play out.

Warner Bros. is it possible to find another home for the Babylon 5 reboot?

Although it’s not clear the specific reason behind Babylon 5The changes the CW is making doesn’t bode well for its outlook, given the CW’s continued delays. Throughout 2022, the network cut many original shows from its roster, including multiple cancellations of many of their long-running Arrowverse shows. Then in January, the network also reported reducing the number of scripted shows to three for the 2023-2024 season.

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There have been doubts about the future of other CW shows like Supernatural Derivative chain winnerability of Babylon 5 The reboot time to find a spot on the network’s rapidly shrinking list is decreasing day by day. However, with Babylon 5 With a passionate fan base and solid intellectual property, Warner Bros. may decide to go ahead with the reboot and buy the project elsewhere. With both Disney and Paramount already leveraging their own popular space franchises, Warner Bros. may be looking to level the playing field by bringing the series to HBO Max.

However, without more specifics, the future Babylon 5 A reboot is still in the air. With the original series still considered one of the best sci-fi series of all time, there’s still plenty of potential to breathe new life into the property. simultaneously, Babylon 5Its loyal fan base will eagerly follow for more authentic news about the reboot’s fate.

Source: ComicBook.com

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