10 Modern Musicals To Watch If You Like La La Land

Before the director’s debut, crackDamien Chazelle cho land is la, his contemporary tribute to the musical theater’s golden age. However, he had trouble convincing studio executives to consider making the film. Musical in the traditional sense had become obsolete by the 1960s, so reviving the genre in the 21st century was deemed too risky.

but then crack Earned him some influence in Hollywood, Chazelle was able to get land is la manufacture. Upon its release, it was quickly praised by critics and largely won Oscar glory.10 Modern musicals should see if you like land is la.

The Greatest Performer (2017)

Although it honors the actions of PT Barnum, a man who is essentially a monster, for all intents and purposes, greatest performer It’s a fun musical walk. If you accept that this is a fictional story about Barnum’s attempts to make him look like a hero, you’ll have a good time.

Hugh Jackman plays the lead role. He’s one of the few Hollywood actors who can actually sing in musical roles, unlike him Miserables Line up, Russell Crowe.Jackman’s greatest performer Co-stars including Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, Zendaya and Rebecca Ferguson provide great support, while first-time director Michael Gracie has an extraordinary vision.

Hairspray (2007)

In 1988, John Waters released a film called hairspray It’s lighter and wider than his previous films. In 2002, the film was adapted into a musical of the same name on Broadway. In 2007, the Broadway musical was made into a movie.

At the end of this long and convoluted process, Adam Shankman directed this delightful story about their acceptance of who they are during turbulent times in prejudiced American society. While it’s fun to see Zac Efron as the Elvis-inspired Greaser or John Travolta as a woman, Nikki Bronsky plays the relatable protagonist Tracy Turnblad Shine here.

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Chicago (2002)

Richard Gere Catherine Zeta-Jones Renee Zellweger Chicago

The 2002 musical adaptation of the scandal and corruption of celebrities in the Jazz Age Chicago It was well received by critics upon release. It earned six of 13 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture (first musical to win the award since 1968). Oliver!) and Catherine Zeta-Jones for Best Supporting Actress.

In theatrical productions, musicals are presented as vaudeville repertoires, and director Rob Marshall has found a way to faithfully bring the genre to the screen by portraying each musical as Roxy the killer. A string of dreams in Hart’s (Renee Zellweger) head.

Sweeney Todd: The Devil Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

by Tim Burton Sweeney Todd: The Devil Barber of Fleet Street Has little in common with the work of Damien Chazelle land is la, but are all modern Hollywood musical blockbusters with catchy songs and self-singing actors. Johnny Depp plays a barber in Victorian England who makes a deal with a baker, played by Helena Bonham Carter.

He would slit his customers’ throats with a razor and take them down a slide into her kitchen, where she would bake them into pies. That doesn’t sound like the right kind of story for a musical, but that’s where Burton’s unique filmmaking style comes into play.

Mamma Mia! (2008)

Meryl Streep's musical in Mamma Mia

Based on the Broadway jukebox musical of the same name, Mamma Mia! A treat for ABBA fans. All of the band’s biggest hits — from “Dancing Queen” to “Winner Takes All” and of course “Mamma Mia” — feature on the soundtrack. The songs are sung by the actors themselves, and while some (Amanda Seyfried) are better than others (Pierce Brosnan), it’s fun to see A-listers sing a few ABBA songs.

The series was followed by a late 2018 sequel, aptly titled we start againIt regained enough of the original’s magic to please fans.

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Rocket Man (2019)

Elton John plays the piano in Rocketman

salvage Bohemian Rhapsody Dexter Fletcher really has a chance to shine after Bryan Singer’s dark past haunts him again Rocket Mana biopic about Elton John that blends reality and fantasy as he could have envisioned it from the start.

Taron Egerton is as compelling as ever as John, and the film deftly balances beautiful stage musicals with moments of serious drama. Bohemian Rhapsody get more media attention, but Rocket Man is the better film and can look at it that way as we look back fondly on the musical biopic trends over the next few years.

Pitch Perfect (2012)

The perfect Anna Kendrick Pitch

Movies that make a capella interesting, perfect pitch Anna Kendrick plays a esteemed musician who is forced by her father to join the Barden Bellas, an all-girl a cappella group on campus. The soundtrack features a cappella covers of hits by artists including Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson and Nicki Minaj.

You come for the music but stay for the characters, who are instantly likable and likable. perfect pitch Also known at the start of Rebel Wilson’s career, in which she played “Fat Amy” and in bridesmaidsa year ago – made her famous overnight.

Magic (2007)

A great satire of a Disney movie, Obsessed with It tells the story of a sleepwalking princess (Amy Adams) who lives in an idealized animated world and is transported to the real world. Obsessed with It didn’t get much attention as a musical because it parodied the Disney movie that dominated the conversation surrounding the movie, but parks and recreationJerry and Ben agree on the most underrated Obsessed with is the score.

the next part is called disappointed It has been in development for over a decade, and production has stopped every time. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll never see it again. But at least we still have the original.

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Dream Girls (2006)

Dreams of singing together on stage at Dreamgirls

Although it technically tells the fictional story of the Dreamettes and their deal with Rainbow Records, dream girl‘ Much of the script was inspired by The Supremes and their deal with Motown Records. In this sense, it is what scholars call a “movie of music,” a film that relies heavily on fictional stories from real events.

With an imitation of Motown music, dream girl‘The soundtrack has a really great R&B/soul sound. The film stars heavyweights including Jamie Foxx, Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Hudson (Oscar winner), Eddie Murphy (Oscar nominated) and Danny Glover. With great performance.

Born Star (2018)

Ally and Jackson sing on stage A Star Is Born

Director Bradley Cooper’s debut goal is a star was born Acting alongside Lady Gaga is to create an epic movie that doesn’t forget its intimate love story. He has achieved remarkable success.

This is the story of a weary country singer, Jackson Maine, who is given new life when he discovers a promising young singer, Ellie, and guides her career as they fall in love. . There are scenes of Jack and Ellie performing in front of thousands of people, but Cooper always shoots them from their point of view. It’s a beautiful movie with equally great original music.

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