Charlie Brown Finally Kicked the Football in a Bizarre Marvel Crossover

No other fictional introvert understands the end of bullying like this peanuts Charlie Brown or Marvel’s original Spider-Man, Peter Parker. These two flowers are often considered weak, insecure, and shy. Lucy van Pelt regularly teases Charlie Brown by taking a ball from his ball, while Flash Thompson is tougher, throwing Peter Bang in his high school locker and mocking life lack of his love.

As every fan knows, Peter was eventually bitten by a radioactive spider, which gave him super strength, agility, and other incredible superpowers. As Spider-Man, Peter seeks to protect victims large and small. Sadly, Charlie Brown wasn’t so lucky. over a period of 50 years peanuts In the comics, Charlie Brown never kicks the ball Lucy is holding. Charles M. Schulz, peanuts, The purposeful focus on Charlie Brown has failed to cultivate a believable new type of character. Seeing him fail repeatedly will only make fans want to see Charlie Brown succeed even more.

Maybe many Marvel fans don’t know, but legendary awesome spiderman Artist – John Romita Sr. – also drew a newspaper comic strip for Web-Slinger from 1977 to 1981. At one point, comic book collector and fan Mike Burkey asked Spider-Man to meet Charlie Brown and help him out. . finally play football. Schultz’s name also appears at the top of the page, suggesting that he somehow wrote or helped create the comic, although the art style is certainly John Romita’s. This comic is the only time Schultz’s name appears on a comic strip featuring Charlie Brown playing football.

this spiderman/peanut The diagonal band does exactly what one would expect. The gullible, naive and intelligent Charlie Brown is once again caught up in Lucy’s plot because he believes she will actually get hold of the ball and let him play it. At the last second, just as Lucy was about to pull it away, a net fell from the sky and pulled her out of the idle ball. Charlie Brown kicked the ball and shouted: “Yahoo!” And Peter, who probably saw his younger, more vulnerable self in good old Charlie Brown, exclaims: “Fraction!!”

Peter Parker may have been a loser because of his infamous “Parker” luck, but Charlie Brown has certainly had more troubles in his life. charlie brown and his other friends peanuts The party will never gain any superpowers. Schultz designed peanuts Transforms to deliver humor and sincerity, though he also focuses on realism, the complex emotions of unrequited love and depression. Although Charlie Brown has never played official football peanuts In the comics, Wallflower couldn’t help but smile when he saw Marvel’s Spider-Man give his fellow humans a chance.

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