Casting Lex Luthor For DCU’s Superman Movie (If Eisenberg Doesn’t Return)

With the news that DCU’s Superman is being remade, Jesse Eisenberg is unlikely to be returning to play Lex Luthor any time soon. superman Movies – but there are so many other possible actors. Lex Luthor is one of the most feared foes in comic book history, a character that has been played by countless different respected actors in the decades since Superman first hit the silver screen. for another version of Lex Luthor to join superman Franchising.

Many actors have played the flamboyant billionaire on reality TV, including Gene Hackman, Michael Rosenbaum and Titus Welliver, but DCU’s Jesse Eisenberg’s It’s Lex Luthor is the latest. Lex Luthor is Superman’s arch-nemesis, and the character has appeared in many different movies. superman The story, whether he’s the main villain or not. Luthor is a beloved villain who has grown beyond his original role to become a superman douchebag. It is common to see this character playing complete superhero teams. DCU’s Lex Luthor needs to be someone willing to be DC’s main villain — and it probably won’t be Jesse Eisenberg.

Why Jesse Eisenberg Might Not Return As Lex Luthor

first appeared on Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeJesse Eisenberg’s version of Lex Luthor hasn’t been popular since then Alliance justice Cameo. This version of Lex is a more unique classic character, though Alliance justice Making it possible for him to lead DCU’s Doom Corps, those plans seem to fail when DCU begins to change plans. While it has not been confirmed that Eisenberg is no longer playing Lex, it is likely that he will not return.

It was recently announced that Superman will be reincarnated in the DCU sequel superman film, removing Henry Cavill from the role. Considering the DCU will have another Superman, it would be odd for this new version to still battle Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor. On top of that, Cavill’s Superman is a much-loved version, and since DC is getting rid of him, they might as well do away with less popular DCU versions of the character – Eisenberg is one of them. . A new Superman should have his own Lex Luthor to fight against.

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Christopher Meloni

After the weird Lex Luthor version of the Snyderverse, DCU might want to go back to a more classic repeat character – and Christopher Meloni is a perfect choice. Meloni looks a lot like this character because the actor is tall, bald, and has a well-proportioned body. He’s also in his 60s, which means he’s the ideal age for a more mature, experienced Lex. At that age, the character may have time to start a very successful company before moving on to other things — like fighting Superman.

Meloni’s acting history proves that he’s capable of handling characters like Lex, an actor with ounce And The Handmaid’s Tale. He is no stranger to comic projects, as he starred in short series delightedhe’s even an actor steel manProve that he will be happy to join superman Movie. There, he played Colonel Hardy, a minor character easily dismissed in favor of Meloni’s Lex. Also, Christopher Meloni is primarily a TV actor, which means that DCU will have a chance to turn him into a real movie star.

Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito as Stan Edgar in The Boys

Giancarlo Esposito is one of Lex Luthor’s biggest fans, as the beloved actor has played many villains in the past. break BadGus Fring has proven that he can play a villain running a corporation as big as Lexcorp while keeping a cool head, and his time on the series proves he’s willing to commit to the long haul. long with a brand. boysEsposito plays Stand Edgar, a character resembling Lex Luthor who even clashes with Homelander throughout the series.

However, one of the biggest reasons Esposito should play Lex Luthor in the DCU is that he’s done it before. He voiced Lex Luthor in the animated series harley quinnEsposito’s animated Luthor has been critically acclaimed since its debut, and with Esposito’s acting flair, it could easily translate into live action. Giancarlo Esposito has played many of the most beloved villains over the decades, and it makes sense that he should play DCU’s biggest villain, Lex Luthor.

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Fiennes ralph

ralph fiennes in the menu poster

Ralph Fiennes is all about class, which is essential for any version of Lex like Grand Budapest Hotel And king’s man The fact that Ralph Fiennes can take on the role of maintaining a high attitude in high-pressure situations makes him an ideal choice for the role of Lex.fiennes with a history of playing wealthy villains Prince of Egypt And Schindler’s Listand he’s been committed to playing Voldemort in the movie for a long time Harry PotterAlthough Fiennes doesn’t speak far from his British accent, his villainous past and regal demeanor prove he can play a good Lex.

Billy Zane

Billy Zane laughs in Titanic.

TitanicBilly Zane is another potential candidate for DCU Lex Luthor, and everything he needs can be found in Titanic. Billy Zane as Villain Titanic, Caledon Hockley, a character known for his huge fortune and larger ego. Lex Luthor’s exaggerated sense of pride is one of his key attributes, and Zane embodies it perfectly. Zane has been bald since the early days of his acting career and he looks like a Lex Luthor in recent years. With the actor’s star power waning since its heyday in the 1990s, the next DCU superman The movie could be Billy Zane’s big comeback.

Jon Hamm

joe ham don pleated brown suit

Another popular pick from Lex Luthor, Jon Hamm is another great choice superman douchebag. Lex Luthor is often used to criticize American capitalists, while Hamm plays Don Draper in the film. crazy man Prove that he can take on villains closer to Gene Hackman’s version. Hamm has the charisma needed to make Luthor stand out, and that’s evident in every role and interview he’s ever done. Rumor has it that Hamm is in talks to play Mr. Sinister in the Fox movie x Men franchise, which means he will play a major villain in a series like DCU superman.

trevan troz

An elderly Mike Tyson talks to viewers on Hulu's Mike

Despite being an unorthodox pick, Trevante Rhodes certainly has the potential to make a great version of DCU’s Lex Luthor. Rhodes has proven that he can play serious roles as well as goofy ones. Moonlight And carnivoresjust what the DCU needed.Rhodes also plays Mike Tyson on Hulu checkered microphone, proving he can play the egotistical super-rich. Rod has struggled to break into the mainstream following the success of his indie films, and the role of Lex Luthor could be his golden opportunity.

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When DC Studios announced the Superman remake, studio director James Gunn explained that the sequel superman The film will follow a younger version of the character. DCU may want a younger version of Lex Luthor to counter a new version of Superman, and Trevante Rhodes would be a great choice. Trevante Rhodes is just over 30, which means he can start young and mature as the team grows. There are still a lot of questions about Lex Luthor’s character in DCU’s next role superman movie, but a few actors would be a good choice.

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