One Piece: Zoro’s 10 Best Fights, Ranked

Many One Piece fans were thrilled by the reveal of the Straw Hats’ new bounties released on August 29th’s chapter, 1058, with Zoro, Jinbe, and Sanji all receiving bounties over one billion. Nico Robin herself nearly reached that high as well.

It has been a long time since Zoro has reclaimed his position as possessing the second-highest bounty on the Straw Hat Crew, but finally, he returns and will likely stay there. He deserved it, too, with the incredible feats he performed in the Wano County arc against the likes of Kaido and King.

Zoro Vs Ohm

One of the best fights in Skypiea was no doubt Zoro’s battle against Ohm. When Zoro discovered he could utilize his blade from the distance is unknown, but it surprised fans when the Straw Hat’s swordsman used his 108 Pound Phoenix technique for the first time.

He swung his blade powerfully, creating an energy slash that defeated Ohm effortlessly. With a character that could fly and easily evade an opponent who fought on land, this was a perfect technique for Zoro to utilize.

Zoro Vs Monet

Zoro moments before striking down Monet - Punk Hazard - One Piece.

Zoro certainly isn’t Sanji, and that’s a mistake that Monet made when evaluating him. Due to Tashigi constantly believing that others looked down on her for simply being a woman, Zoro most of all, Monet thought she spoke truly.

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While Zoro said there were things he didn’t wish to cut, he wasn’t going to stand by and simply let Monet do as she pleased. Zoro delivers a fearsome quote and freezes Monet in her tracks moments before he attacks and cleaves her in two with a single attack. One of the many battles in the New World that showed Zoro is far from revealing his true strength yet.

Zoro Vs Kaku

Zoro defeating Kaku - Eneis Lobby - One Piece.

The battles against CP9 at Eneis Lobby were both long and exciting. Zoro’s fight sees him face off against Kaku, who possesses the Zoan Devil Fruit ability to transform into a giraffe.

While the fight pushes Zoro to his limits, he reveals one of his best techniques in One Piece–Demon Aura Nine Sword Style: Ashura. A technique he has utilized numerous times throughout the series, even damaging Kaido with it.

Zoro Vs Bounty Hunters

Zoro preparing to fight the bounty hunters at Whiskey Peak - One Piece.

Zoro himself was once previously a bounty hunter, gaining the nickname “Pirate Hunter” Zoro due to hunting down pirates and turning them in for their bounties. In the past, he had been approached by Baroque Works to join them but declined and cut down the ones who sent him.

In the Whiskey Peak arc, Zoro faces off against the bounty hunters again, this time defeating all one hundred of them effortlessly. This is a famous battle that solidified Zoro as a favorite character to many One Piece fans.

Zoro Vs Ryuma

Ryuma blocking Zoro's attack - Thriller Bark - One Piece.

An unexpected and unique battle in One Piece was Zoro vs Ryuma, a zombie Ryuma that possessed the shadow of Brook. Ryuma seemed to lack most of his skills from his life and more of the skill from Brook but better.

However, this was not nearly enough to match Zoro, who defeated him in an epic duel. This brought Shisui into Zoro’s hands, a powerful black blade that became Zoro’s signature sword for most of the series.

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Zoro Vs Dracule Mihawk

Mihawk stabbing Zoro with his knife - One Piece.

Though Zoro’s duel against Mihawk was far in Mihawk’s favor with Zoro not landing a single hit, it was still an excellent battle. Mihawk allowed Zoro to display all the skill he had, but it was really Zoro’s spirit that Mihawk admired.

Enough so that Mihawk spared Zoro’s life. The fight was a perfect send-off for Zoro’s journey similar to Luffy’s beginnings with Shanks. The end of the fight still possesses one of the Straw Hat’s most emotional quotes “I swear, I will never lose again!”

Zoro Vs Killer

Zoro vs Killer in One Piece.

Zoro’s fight against Killer is somewhat less memorable in the manga, but in the anime is animated beautifully with bright visuals and intense animation reminding fans why Zoro is one of the strongest swordsmen in One Piece.

The fight is choreographed well, with Killer pressing Zoro intensely as the Straw Hat fights with two blades. However, after getting injured by Killer’s scythe, Zoro takes the weapon and uses it for his oni giri technique, a scene that foreshadowed Zoro’s “I’ll become the King of Hell” scene against King.

Zoro Vs Mr. One

Zoro after defeating Mr. One - One Piece.

Zoro’s battle against Mr. One is still an incredibly memorable fight and one that is always discussed when fans talk about Zoro’s best fights. In this fight, Zoro reaches the state of understanding how different objects have “breaths” and that he can choose what he desires to cut and what not to cut.

This understanding led him to gain the ability to cut through steel, the skill needed to defeat Mr. One. As he cuts down Mr. One in his iconic scene, he thanks his opponent for pushing him past his limits and excelling further as a swordsman.

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Zoro Vs Kaido

Zoro's oni giri vs Kaido - On top of Onigashima - One Piece

The Supernovas facing off against the two Emperors, Kaido and Big Mom, is no doubt one of the best fights of the Wano arc. Zoro himself is one of the most notable fighters to partake in this battle, both scaring and wounding Kaido.

As Zoro fights on, he unlocks Conqueror’s Haki and fights in a brief epic duel against Kaido. Recently, this was animated beautifully, with many fans in awe of Wano’s recent animation. The fight ended with Kaido in complete shock and with a new scar across his chest.

Zoro Vs King

Zoro vs King in One Piece.

Zoro’s best fight in One Piece also happens to be his most recent one against King. This fight was long and fearsome with Zoro barely achieving victory.

This fight went through every technique Zoro had mastered thus far and improved Zoro’s mastery of Haki. With Zoro’s previous fights being animated incredibly in the Wano Country arc, there’s no doubt that Zoro vs King is one of the most anticipated fights to get animated for this series.

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