Welcome To Plathville Season 5 Is Allegedly Filming In Los Angeles

One fan claimed that Welcome to Plathville Season 5 was filming near them, proving that TLC has given the green light for another season of the show.

guess Welcome to placeville is set to return for another season, and one TLC fan claims to have proof that season 5 is currently in the works. Welcome to placeville became an unexpected hot topic of the network in 2019. Viewers were mesmerized by the ultra-conservative Christian family and appalled at how parents Barry and Kimplus protected their children. But since then, there’s been a lot of turmoil in the Plath family Welcome to placeville After the season 1 and season 4 finals, some wondered if TLC would give the green light for another season.

However, new evidence shows that not only Welcome to placeville Turn around, filming is in progress. A TLC fan who visited Reddit with the username camcorder_notice_s5e5 revealed that they received a notification from the network Welcome to placeville Go shoot near them. “I live in Los Angeles‘ fans commented, “I got a message saying Welcome to placeville Will be shooting on my street this week.“Fans said that the trailer made it clear that the footage was for Welcome to placeville Season 5, episode 5.

Shooting could be for Mika Plath’s model plot

Micah Plath from Welcome to Plathville

Reddit users reveal they live in “In an old town in Los Angeles.,” and through specific filming locations. The filming location for TLC seems to be “Old house converted into an apartmentand Micah could live there. Welcome to placeville Season 4 chronicles Micah’s move to Los Angeles and his efforts to pursue a modeling career. He may be on a tight budget, so an old apartment building is within his price range and the filming location could be his new home.

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Welcome to Plathville fans not sure if the show will return

If TLC viewer’s statement is correct, here it is Welcome to placeville fan. Many viewers were worried after the season 4 finale because there were signs that this would be the final episode of the show. Some fans felt that the season finale set off a final episode vibe, and with the Plath family more fractured than ever, it’s unclear if the series will be able to continue. Welcome to placeville Season 4 is Kim and Barry’s split, and many fans aren’t sure how that will affect the show’s future. However, TLC seems to have found a way to move the series forward and include Kim and Barry’s impending divorce. Unless the reviewer’s claims are fabricated, fans can expect Welcome to placeville Airing around 2023.

Although the dynamics of the Plath family have changed dramatically since season 1, fans are more interested than ever in their ongoing journey. Welcome to placeville Season 5 will venture into the uncharted territory of the Plath family, as Kim and Barry navigate their breakup and figure out how to raise their children together, and Plath’s children become independent. more and follow their dreams. Welcome to placeville Season 5 is possibly the most intriguing part of the show.

Source: u/filming_notice_s5e5/Reddit, TLC/Instagram

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