You: 8 Funniest Memes About Joe

Thriller starring Penn Badgley, Friend It has captured the attention of fans since the first season and has maintained their interest long after the season 3 finale. The final episode saw an explosive end to the marriage. Joe’s character, as well as his murderous rampage and framing Love in the suburbs of Madre Linda.

Joe Goldberg is a unique character in television history, and while compared to serial killers like Dexter Morgan, Joe is born with a lack of kindness. It was supposed to annoy him, but he has a huge fan base. His inquisitive personality has made him the target of many memes, some of which are actually hilarious.

joe’s hat

One of Joe’s favorite activities is following and following his favorite subjects to learn more about them or track their whereabouts.

His usual stalking style doesn’t require much camouflage, other than a blue hat, which he believes has kept him anonymous from the crowd. However, his delusions don’t get him out of trouble, as he has been caught by Baker more than once, but he still doesn’t know that the hat doesn’t make him invisible.

paco joe’s mother

It’s clear that Joe has some serious, deep-rooted mother issues due to abandonment and a relentless search for love, so when he sees a lonely, loveless boy in his building, he she fell in love with him.

Joe saw a bit of himself in Paco and sheltered him with a generosity he had never shown to anyone. His kindness paid off (to him at least), as Paco knew about Joe’s criminal tendencies, but didn’t (yet) betray him.

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joe’s mistake

Joe is kind to the women he loves, but his penchant for rummaging through their homes and picking up their stuff to take with him sometimes makes him say things he shouldn’t have known in the first place.

When Baker went with him to buy a bed, he casually remarked that a full-size mattress wouldn’t fit in her apartment, and when she asked him how he knew, he satirized that the houses in New York were so big. Joe is a smart character Friendbut not always.

Joe vs Peach

Both Peach and Joe have obsessive-compulsive characters who do bad things to their muse just to satisfy themselves. Peach collects inappropriate photos of Beck, while Joe does something terrible, which culminates in murder.

However, Joe doesn’t like to compete for Beck’s attention, and chooses to almost kill Peach once (one of the biggest turning points). Friend), and then the second actually kills her. Then he had to go to her funeral and comfort her friends, pretending that he didn’t kill their friends.

joe’s special love

It’s clear that Joe has never modeled how to love someone sane, so he grew up with a false sense of what people do when they want to help their partner.

For Joe, helping Baker or Love means he’ll kill them, especially if they don’t ask. He likes to see himself as some kind of guardian angel, clearing obstacles in their path, when in reality he will do the worst to their family and friends.

infamous monologue

Joe’s retelling of his life and longtime lovers was so popular that Penn Badgley even narrated one of his fans’ TikTok in Joe’s style.

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His first encounter with his new obsession, and detailed observations of what she’s doing and how she flirts with or shows interest in him (when she not often interested in him) are Joe’s signature moves, often ending with “Hello, friend.” This meme parodies speech in the social media landscape.

fbi joe agent

Not sure if Candice was Joe’s first destined love affair (there may have been many before her), but she certainly won’t be the last. Joe’s way of infiltrating people’s lives is by scrolling through all their social media and flipping through locations, boyfriends, etc.

By the time he met Beck and Love, he was already very good at finding information about people, which would make him perfect if he couldn’t find people on social media because Joe would definitely find them. out them.

love joe’s burden

The infamous serial killer has won countless fans for his friendliness and kind nature out of the box, but liking negative characters also has its downside.

Viewers were sure to panic when Joe began tracking Baker in the first season, but as the series progressed, viewers were calmed by his unrelenting love for Baker. It didn’t last long, however, as his restless regime took over, ending Baker’s calm and peaceful life.

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