New Girl Season 8 Updates: Will It Ever Happen?

New Girl’s seventh season ended in 2018, but is it possible that Fox will bring the sitcom back for an eighth season? Here’s what we know.

The Fox sitcom ended its seventh season years ago, but what an opportunity new girl Did season 8 ever happen? sitcom los angeles by elizabeth meriweather new girl The focus is on eccentric high school teacher Jesse Day (Zooey Deschanel), who, after discovering her live-in boyfriend is cheating on her, moves into a loft apartment with three male roommates — the guy. Lovely lazy Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), playboy Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and mischievous Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris). Hannah Simone has completed the main quest. new girl Play as Cece Parikh, Jess’s model and childhood best friend.

new girl chronicles the gang’s adventures in their 30s and has received critical acclaim for its unusual humor and predictable chemistry. Unfortunately, the show has never been a hit in terms of ratings, and it looks like it’s in danger of being canceled after its sixth season. Fortunately, new girl The cast worked together to convince Fox to host a proper show off, which was later extended for a final – albeit much shorter – season.

seventh and final season new girl The show ended its broadcast in early 2018, but some viewers are still looking forward to the next season. So what are the odds? new girl Season 8 happening? Here’s what we know.

New Girl’s final season is a satisfying farewell

new girl jack johnson and zooey deschanel

new girl Season 7, which takes place three years after the events of season 6, sees Schmidt and Cece raising their three-year-old daughter, Winston, and his wife Aly (Nasim Pedrad) welcoming their first child. them, Jess and Nick were delighted. Marry.

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The series finale offers a satisfying ending, hailed as one of the best new girl episode, revolves around Jesse and Nick learning that they were kicked out of the attic and calling the group there for one last time. As they play a packed themed version of the fictional drinking game True American, a moving fast-forward shot shows the group playing the game with their kids (albeit with the original beer). instead of real beer). At the end of the episode, Winston reveals that the eviction was just a joke, but with Jesse and Nick accepting the decision to leave the loft, they still decide to move out. With such a perfect ending, new girl Section 8 is really unnecessary. It means…

A new girl reunion is not ruled out

new girl It may be over, but that doesn’t mean it’s unlikely the cast will reunite for a one-off special in the future. In an interview in August 2020 Slate’s thirst potion On the podcast, Jake Johnson said he is still in regular contact with his former co-star and he “I’d be surprised if at some point something doesn’t happen when everyone comes back

So while new girl Season 8 seems unlikely and a reunion has yet to be completely ruled out.

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