Reed Richards’ Namor-Buster Armor Proves He’s Smarter Than Tony Stark

As Marvel’s top super-genius, Reed Richards has repeatedly baffled Tony Stark, and the Fantastic Four’s anti-Namor mech shows that even with super armor, Mister Fantastic can be far beyond Iron Man’s reach. Iron Man is known to have created many versions of “Nemesis” armor to deal with specific enemies, but they are usually just more powerful suits with stronger attacks and sometimes the ability absorb specific energetic characteristics, such as Thor’s lightning or Hulk’s gamma rays. radiation. In contrast, the mech armor Reed Richards used to fight Namor far exceeded Tony’s ambitions.

Battle takes place in the Ultimate Universe – a version of Marvel reality rebooted so that superheroes only appeared in the 2000s, removing decades of complicated lore and telling impossible stories happens in the main Marvel reality. New stories, often avant-garde. In this world, Namor is not the king of Atlantis, but a dangerous criminal from an undersea kingdom who poses a great threat to New York City. When Namor Gets Violent With Mark Miller And Greg Grande’s Invisible Woman The Great Four #26Reed Richards deploys the amazing Oh-Five – a giant machine with a multitude of superpowers.

Mister Fantastic’s machine is a divine level invention

Reed’s “Namor-Buster” armor, created by Mister Fantastic in his spare time, doesn’t pose any particular threat, but it’s one of the most powerful armor a Marvel fan has ever seen. see. This set includes a combination of the team’s strengths – Mister Fantastic’s elasticity, Invisible Woman’s force field, Human Torch’s firepower and The Thing’s power and tough armor. And if that weren’t enough, it also includes a range of weapons that allow Reed to project his imagination in the form of a hard light hologram, attacking Namor with a variety of threats drawn from his subconscious. ta. While Namor was eventually able to penetrate the armor’s armor, its combined weapons wound him, even though he had previously removed the Human Torch’s brightest flames and left the monster’s land (which in reality is strong enough to knock him down)- smashes Hulk’s fist with one hand), forcing the villain to reluctantly propose a ceasefire.

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Reed Richards’ armor proves he doesn’t need superpowers

Ultimate Fantasy Quad Reed Richard

While Tony Stark’s suits have amazing abilities, they often can’t fully recreate superpowers, let alone have five suits at once. Indeed, while Iron Man has built countless anti-Hulk armor, very few of them can actually stand against the Green Goliath, and likewise his Thor armor has been torn apart by Thor. Using other unique powers haphazardly, Fantastic Oh Five deftly proves that Reed Richards doesn’t need his own powers, or even a team – he’s genius enough to create any possibility. whatever ability he wants. Sadly, this proved to be a harbinger, as Reed Richards of the Ultimate Universe eventually abandoned Morality and his three teammates, took on the Creator’s identity and became one of the heroes. the most important villain in the multiverse.

Iron Man may be known for his armor, but that’s mostly because Reed Richards claims to rule all other fields of science – there’s a reason why when Tony Stark usurped his powers Galactus’ strength to grant everyone in New York When it comes to his own genius intelligence, Reed Richards isn’t surprisingly bright. While Tony Stark is undoubtedly one of the smartest men on Earth, Reed Richards’ anti-Namor armor confirms that the leader of the Fantastic Four is competitive when it comes to super-powerful armor.

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