Too Hot To Handle: Brittan Byrd’s Top Instagram Posts In 2022

Brittan Byrd may not be in the final too hot to handle season 4, but the Hawaiian beauty’s Instagram has been causing quite a stir ever since she appeared on the hit Netflix show. The 22-year-old fell in love with Hawaiian James Pendergrass and ended the show as one of three couples still intact. Their performance was extraordinary as they were the only couple who didn’t break the rules or make it to the final round. However, since filming, Brittain has now become famous online.

Brittan matures in Season 4, going from death to breaking some rules to forming an emotional connection with 23-year-old James. She briefly leaves him for English newcomer Ethan Smith, but quickly realizes how shallow he is. Brittan has proven herself to be a close friend and supporter and is truly overjoyed when her roommate, Jawahir Khalifa, won the race alongside partner Nick Kici. While Brittan didn’t win, she did attract a lot of interest from fans who flocked to her Instagram to see her model shots and see if her romance whether or not the relationship with James continues.

THTH star Brittan shows off her Hawaiian hometown

like her too hot to handle Brittan’s partner James is from Hawaii. In a recent post, she let her followers know where she is from, which includes many pictures from the State of Aloha. “Homesick, a thread‘, Brittan captioned the photo, which now has 84,000 likes. The images are a mix of bikini photos of model-loving Brittan and photos of the beautiful island she calls home. “Go home, I miss you mom,“James joked in the comments that many fans are wondering if they are still together.. “It doesn’t look real,TRIAL Actor Nigel Jones rang the bell.

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Brittan Byrd wows THTH fans with her beauty

when all the actors are in too hot to handle Season 4 is very attractive and many fans love Brittan’s unique and outstanding beauty with her tall figure, bushy eyebrows and ice-cold hair. Brittan’s most recent photo on Instagram has received 102,000 likes and is still growing. This Hawaiian beauty has been fixing her extensions ever since TRIAL Season 4 looks perfect in a beige corset and hair falling in waves. In a recent photo, Brittan is seen in London with the rest of the cast. “I want to credit this amazing PICC hahahaha love yaaa,” her companion TRIAL Actor Flavia Laos Urbina commented on the post.

THTH Brittan Byrd and Jawahir Khalifa surprised fans

Brittan’s most popular Instagram post by far is the one she shares with her colleagues too hot to handle Star, Jawahir. Jawahir was printed in black, while Brittan opted for a pale pink color. Brittan captioned the smoldering image, “@toohotnetflix’s angels have arrived.“Many viewers love the friendship between Brittan and Jawahir because they seem mature and help each other out. Their joint picture now has 173k likes because too hot to handle Fans couldn’t help but see enough of the two beauties together. “Fan favorite videos are everywhere on tik tok, we need some videos, guys,“One commenter wrote to two women.

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