Happy Death Day 3 Unproduced Story Details Revealed by Director

happy death day 3Series writer and director Christopher Landon has revealed the proposed plot. Original happy death day Complex floor plan kind of squirrel sky Using a traditional killer, turn victim Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rotter) into the ultimate girl by placing her in a time loop where she is killed every time she is killed by a killer. child masked person. Cycle is reset. That movie was so popular that there was a sequel in 2019 Happy death day 2Uwhich finds a more sci-fi-based premise, as Tree finds herself forced to continue setting the loop in an alternate universe to get home.

pack I recently sat down with Langdon to discuss his new Netflix comedy we have a ghostbut the conversation has definitely gone unproduced happy death day 3. He revealed that this newer and increasingly disappointing series will be extended,”change gears again‘ he describes the sequel asPost-apocalyptic epic adventure,” in a completely unique direction. Read his full quote below:

The third film will be an epic post-apocalyptic adventure with elements of horror. That is not backward. But yeah, we’re going to shift gears again and it’s going to be bigger. I think that’s probably what’s holding us back, too, because the concept of the third movie is a bigger, bigger movie.

Happy Death Day’s legacy is going strong, not in the form of a sequel

These happy death day 3 The details of the story may excite those who already enjoy the big hit Happy death day 2U take. Still, it makes sense for Blumhouse to shy away from the idea of ​​franchise expansion. Without the box office support for the film, the increased funding required for the idea would be unlikely to succeed.

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However, even though happy death day 3 Probably not, the franchise’s legacy lives on in a variety of ways. For example, Landon himself continues to combine his 2020 horror comedy with horror comedy weirdwhich he co-authored with Michael Kennedy. That movie applies the premise of body swap weird friday An evil villain and a girl with humorous relief at the end.

Outside of Landon’s film credits, the success of the original happy death day The other side has been reproduced by Blumhouse’s output. This is especially true when applying hilarious humor to PG-13 horror assets, allowing horror and comedy to complement and deepen each other. happy death day 3 Likely not to happen, hard to believe a terrorist attack by virus M3GAN would appear exactly the same way without the original precedent happy death day.

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