The Price Is Right Gifts Audiences Santa Drew Carey [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant presents an exclusive clip from the December 22 episode of The Price Is Right Holiday, featuring Drew Carey dressing up as Santa.

rant screen Excited to present this exclusive clip of holly jolly good price The holiday special airs December 22 on CBS. CBS’ good price Launched in 1972, the format has remained largely unchanged since its launch. Drew Carey took over as host in 2007 after award-winning Bob Barker stepped down as host in 1972.

good price It is the longest-running game show on television and the longest five-day-a-week game show in the world. The popularity of the game show has led to the creation of countless international versions over the years. good priceLike many other game shows, it’s coming up to the holiday season and it’s bringing Christmas magic to the contestants and fans at home, with prizes perfect for Christmas.

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Drew Carey smiles as she hosts The Price Is Right.

rant screen Exclusive Clip How to Take Perfect Photo good price Celebrate the holiday and express the Christmas spirit to all participants. All, including the lucky ones, wear Santa hats. Drew Carey struts out in a full Santa outfit, beard and beaming with festive glee. Amber Lancaster joined in in a Santa-themed gown, and broadcaster George Gray, in elf costume, joked with Carey about his and other elves’ concerns about working conditions. There are some comments.

good price With holiday specials airing all week, this hilarious segment is from the upcoming December 22 episode. good price The perfect game show coming up for Christmas, Drew Carey captures a little of the Santa spirit by offering contestants the chance to win big prizes just in time for the holidays. As the entire studio makes Christmas come to life, the awards themselves can also be tied to festive cheer.

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reasonable price Not only has the popularity led to 50 years on CBS and numerous international releases, but it has also grown beyond the TV game show format. good price Developed to include board games, video games and print media. good price Also appeared on a number of CBS primetime dramas, including how I meet your Mother And Scorpion.

All new holiday episodes good price All airing this week on CBS.

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