The 15 Best Boarding Schools In TV and Movies

Movies and TV shows for young audiences always have a moderate level of anger and drama. But the story of the boarding school has an extra layer of darkness and complicated social hierarchy. They are also often the setting for exciting supernatural episodes. Boarding school stories always captivate audiences.

Not all on-screen boarding schools contain monsters and magic – but that doesn’t make them boring. On-screen boarding school gives viewers a sense of dorm life as growing teenagers find their way through life’s brief time. Here are some of the best TV and film boarding schools.

Updated by Kristen Palamara on March 23, 2021: Boarding schools are portrayed in different ways in the media. They are virtually unimaginable oases for young, independent teenagers, nightmarish punishments – at least initially – or just mundane existences that can gradually turn into environment where lifelong friends can be made. Some students are sent to boarding schools for good opportunities, others for magical and supernatural reasons, and still others are initially sent to boarding schools for poor performance. Regardless of the genre of these boarding school episodes, here are some of the best and most engaging boarding schools ever portrayed in film and television.

University of the Pacific Coast (Zoey 101)

Pacific Coast Academy is the dream school for anyone who grew up watching TV Zoe 101. PCA has it all, and it’s always in style whether its role is in a cafeteria, large dormitory, or an on-campus restaurant that even has a sushi bar.

In addition to first-class facilities on campus, there is a core group of friends that every audience wants to be a part of.

Wilton University (Dead Poets Association)

Robin Williams and his students at the Dead Poets Society

Wilton Academy starts out as a boring boarding school that the main characters don’t like to attend because of its strict policies. They put all their heart into their studies because they knew it would disappoint their parents and affect their futures, but when their new teacher, Mr. Keating, arrived, everything changed.

Every teacher wants to be Robin Williams, and every student wants to be a teacher like him, especially at Wilton College which is completely normal but dull, cramped and isolated.

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Rushmore College (Rushmore)

Max Fisher writes on Rushmore's blackboard

hurry is a Wes Anderson film about a talented and ambitious student at Rushmore University who quickly falls in love with a freshman teacher at a prep school.

Anyone would be delighted to attend the Academy, whose quintessential aesthetic is known from Wes Anderson’s films.

Sheldon R. Weinberg University (Upper University)

Make a poster for the main cast of the Academy

go to college is a little-known 1980s comedy from Mad TV about a group of troublemakers who become friends after being sent to a military-like boarding school. The leadership is intimidating and strict, but the group believes in it and ultimately decides to rebel against the government.

Although Sheldon R. Weinberg Academy was not originally a fun boarding school, the institution has made it a fun place to learn and play.

Madison Preparatory School (Major Payne)

Instructor scene from Major Payne.

Major Payne A military-style boarding school depicted in a comedy called Madison Preparatory School. The film follows Major Payne as an ROTC instructor at a boarding school after being honorably discharged from the Marines and unable to adjust to civilian life.

The school starts out as a harsh environment, but the students soon rebel and the hilarious prank battle between Major Payne and his students culminates when the group gathers to make the school a better place. become a place of connection between students and teachers who have lost their way.

Saint Vladimir’s Academy (Vampire Academy)

The main cast of the Vampire Academy St.  Vladimir

According to the book of the same name, vampire Academy Takes place at a paranormal boarding school filled with vampire guardians. Moroi are peaceful vampires living mortal lives, while vampires are half-human, half-vampire guardians.

The Dhampirs take classes in advanced bodyguard combat techniques, weight training and conditioning, as well as the basics of elemental control to learn how to protect Moroi from the undead vampire Strigoi. But they still spend time studying poetry, stories and literature like normal students. After all, they have to adapt to the real world.

Greenhouse Academy (Greenhouse Academy)

The role of Greenhouse Academy in Netflix Elite

Consisting of two competing academies, Greenhouse Academy from the Netflix series is an elite boarding school that attracts bright and talented students with hopes of a bright future. Brothers and sisters Hayley and Alex Woods attended with the hope of following in their astronaut mother’s footsteps after her death.

But when the two academies face a plot to destroy the world, the students of Greenhouse must save it. How many schools actually challenge their students to be heroes?

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Elyria High School (She’s a Man)

Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum on the football field in 'She's the Man'

she is a man Giving viewers a boarding school full of ignorant teachers and staff will make everything as easy as pie. Viola (Amanda Bynes) attends Elyria High School disguised as her twin brother Sebastian, but no one notices.

It’s also fun to watch a high school movie set in a sport other than football. The soccer-focused Illyria is a refreshing change of pace for a teen movie about the sport. However, the best part about this school is that the football coach is as tough as nails saying that they are gender-neutral.

Spencer College (Covenant)

Sebastian Stan's Black Eyes in Covenant

The son of Ipswich, a descendant of a Massachusetts witch, attended the Spencer Academy under the guise of a competitive swimmer. Their incredible strength and beauty make them kings of the school until Ipswich’s fifth son, a descendant of their exiled ancestors, reappears.

A boarding school that never doubts that generations of witches will stroll its halls and let students participate in magic battles on campus is the most exciting setting. Also, any school with Sebastian Stan is automatically the best.

Oh Academy

Umbrella Academy Actors and Badge

Netflix’s adaptation of the comic book of the same name tells the story of an unusual family of superheroes, all of whom were adopted from childhood and raised to save the world. But things didn’t go as planned and they disbanded. When their adoptive father, Sir Reginald, is mysteriously killed, the surviving members of the Old Academy team up to solve the case.

They discover that one of Sir Reginald’s children, who has never been adopted and rejected by the academy, is responsible for trying to cause the apocalypse. Umbrella Academy certainly knows when to turn down a suspicious student.

Wang Yu’s Murder Skills Workshop (Nirvana Course)

The main cast in the promotional photo for the Class of Death

King’s Dominion is a boarding school for promising young Assassins from around the world. lethal level The Academy is the ultimate school to teach students to survive the worst situations. The courses challenge them and turn them into the ultimate killing machine.

It can be a harsh lesson, but at least Wang Yu’s students, absolutely no one can compare with them. Skills such as fencing, martial arts, and combat tactics are great forms of learning.

Anubis (House of Anubis)

House of Anubis took a promotional photo at the boarding school

Nickelodeon show House of Anubis Having a boarding school is basically a permanent escape room. Students must solve puzzles and unravel the mysteries of the academy to get through an ordinary day. Throw in some ancient Egyptian magic and curses, and Anubis’ school seems like one of the funniest schools around.

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As they begin investigating a missing student, they evade a suspicious groundskeeper, which puts them on lockdown, adding a final twist to a great conspiracy. Anubis is basically a dream Mummies fan.

Xavier Gifted School (X-Men)

Xavier School for Gifted Teens in X-Men

The Marvel Universe has created one of the coolest boarding schools ever, an academy designed to train future X-Men. Supporting young mutants and teaching them to hone their powers makes the Xavier School of Gifted and Talented a superhero fan’s dream.

More importantly, it shows scared kids that they have a place of their own, even if the outside world isn’t always kind to them. Xavier School is more than just a boarding school; For mutants, it’s a house and a family. Also, how many schools allow their students to destroy property?

Salvatore Young Talent Boarding School (The Vampire Diary)

Salvadoran Boarding School for Young Talents from The Vampire Diaries

Alaric Saltzman turned an old Salvadoran boarding house into a school, based on the works of Charles Xavier. He made it for kids like his twin daughters, Josie and Lizzie, who were drawing witches. But the school doesn’t just accept witches.

In the case of Hope Mikaelson, it takes on vampires, werewolves and hybrids or a trio. Alaric and Caroline Forbes hope to teach supernatural children how to control their powers and become sane members of society so they don’t abuse their powers.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Harry Potter)

Pictures of Harry Potter Hogwarts

Harry Potter and his friends are always in mortal danger at Hogwarts, but they’re fun from start to finish. They have daily classes in potions, transformations, spells, and defense against the dark arts. They may complain about their studies like any normal student, but that is certainly superior to geometry or biology.

For horror movie fans, the school also offers a wide range of ghost and mystery stories. Ask any Muggle and they’ll say they’d rather go to Hogwarts than a regular school. It can be dangerous, but the magic will make it worth it.

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