How to Unlock Inverse Mode in Vampire Survivors

Similar to Super Mode or Fast Mode, Reverse Mode is a phase change mechanism Vampire Survivor Invert the layout of the stage, causing the visual interface to be reversed. However, this is not the only change the stage has undergone. Reversal mode transitions to what the game calls a “harder version”, which increases the enemy’s max HP by 200%. Also, enemy mobs are Vampire Survivor Increases max health by 5% per minute and movement speed by 1% every 2 minutes. The reward for the significant increase in difficulty is that the player’s gold income has increased by 200%, of which the lucky value has increased by 20%.

Unlock reverse mode Vampire Survivor, the player must obtain a relic called the Mirror of Gracia. Survivors can obtain this relic in the Eudaimonia Machine, a hidden stage that fans can access after they’ve acquired all of the standard stage’s relic. These relics include Grim Grimoire, Ars Gouda, Map of the Milky Way, Magic Banger, Witch’s Tears, Glass Vizard, Mindbender, Yellow Sign, Morbane Forbidden Scroll, Great Gospel and Randomazzo. For newcomers to the game, this purchase process can take hours.

Unlock Gracia’s Mirror in Vampire Survivor

After acquiring all 11 Stage Relics Vampire SurvivorEnter the stage selection interface and search for “Eudaimonia M”. According to Vinnie, a YouTube content creator king kielbasa, the player must scroll all the way to the bottom of Boss Rash, then return to the Mad Forest at the top. This action will cause the Eudaimonia Machine to appear. Once inside the stage, follow the path that leads to a large platform. Here, players will encounter a ghostly, dark entity that will ask: “Tell us your path. Are you having difficulty… or walking easy?” Players will be given two answers to choose from. Answer the questions: “too easy” and “too difficult”. Select “Too easy” to unlock Gracia’s Mirror Vampire Survivor.

After obtaining Gracia’s Relic Mirror in the Eudaimonia Machine, the game resets, but the title screen is turned upside down when powered on. Let’s say the player checks any Stage in the selection menu such as Boss Rash in Vampire Survivor. In this case, they will notice that the “Inverse” checkbox next to Limit Break is available, indicating that Inverse Mode has been successfully unlocked. Vampire Survivor. If the player returns to Eudaimonia M and talks to the shadow entity again, they can reply “too difficult” to obtain the Seventh Horn Relic, which unlocks Endless Stages mode.

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Source: YouTube/Vinnie King Kielbasa

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