Explaining Rick & Morty’s Voice Change Actually Isn’t A Big Deal

A debate has arisen regarding the significant change in sound that will be present in Rick and Morty’s seventh season due to a switch of voice actors for the eponymous duo. This change has sparked multiple theories about how the show will handle the situation; however, it is unnecessary to speculate on this aspect because no explanation is needed. Justin Roiland, who co-founded Rick and Morty and provided voices for Rick, Morty, and other characters during the first six seasons, was fired from Adult Swim following charges of domestic assault and false imprisonment.

Consequently, Season 7 will feature a new voice actor for the main character as Roiland’s absence necessitates recasting. It should come as no surprise that Rick and Morty will experience significant changes in its upcoming season.

Rick and Morty don’t need to explain voice change

While there are many theories regarding how the show will address the change in voice actors, in reality, Rick and Morty’s voices will likely remain the same. Their voices are iconic, with many online impressionists nailing the perfect Rick and Morty impression on social media. So while the characters will be recast, it is probable that they will sound identical to their previous versions. Many viewers may not even notice a difference unless they pay close attention to the credits, so it would not be necessary for the show to provide an in-universe explanation for such a minor alteration in sound.

This type of substitution–replacing an actor with an impressionist and continuing as usual–is common practice, as seen in examples such as YouTube voice actor Brian Hull’s portrayal of Adam Sandler’s vampire character from Hotel Transylvania: Transformania with very little deviation from the original voice. This also frequently occurs in television anime adaptations such as Madagascar Penguins: Back to the Farm and The Emperor’s New School, among other programs. Given Rick and Morty’s popularity, it is highly likely that the series could easily find suitable replacements for Justin Roiland.

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Rick and Morty can still deal with Roiland’s departure

Rick and Morty on the alien planet

“Rick and Morty” is a super meta show, which means that it could potentially mock Justin Roiland’s departure even if it doesn’t directly address the recent voice change issue. The series has a history of making jokes about other shows, video games, corporations, and real-world politics, so it would make sense for the show to continue this trend by poking fun at something so close to home. While Roiland’s departure is a serious topic, it likely won’t stop “Rick and Morty” from teasing its co-creators.

The show’s entire plot revolves around edgy themes for laughs, and Roiland hasn’t been shy about pushing the boundaries of the series’ humor in the past. So even if the remake of “Rick and Morty” doesn’t change much and Roiland’s departure makes him a target for many jokes, it will likely only contribute to the show’s signature brand of humor.

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