Scott Adams Is Facing Backlash After He Made A Racist Remark

Dilbert author Scott Adams was recently fired for a blind tone on his YouTube show Real Coffee with Scott Adams. The artist responded to a survey by the Rasmussen Report on whether “whites are okay,” the survey found that 53% of African-Americans agree with this statement. Adams, on the other hand, focuses on dissenters and considers African-Americans a “hate group”. Before delivering his criticism of his race, he even told whites to “stay away from blacks” and claimed that it was the “first political survey” that “ever changed.” his actions.

Scott Adams’ racially insensitive comment

On Wednesday, February 22, pro-Trump artist Scott Adams discussed a Rasmussen Report survey in which 53% of African Americans agreed that “could be white” in the show. his audio. He was quick to issue an inappropriate criticism, claiming that the poll showed “no improvement” in racial tensions in the country and showed whites living in an area that widely divided.

In addition, the artist made a sarcastic remark about national identity, saying:

“I determined that I was unlucky for a long time because I liked success. And I love helping others. I have always believed that if you help African society, you will be able to discover the most benefits.”

Then he said:

“However, it turned out that almost half of that team thought it was inappropriate for me to be white. That’s why I identified as Black for a while, so I could be on the winning side.

In response to the survey results, Scott Adams stated that he would “redefine as European” because he did not “want to be part of a racist organization”. The artist also claims that he “accidentally joined” the organization, mocking his African-American heritage.

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“If nearly half of blacks are against whites – according to this poll, not me, according to this poll – it is a hateful organization.”

The 65-year-old also encouraged white observers to stay away from African-Americans, saying:

“I would say, based on the way things are going right now, the biggest piece of advice I have for white people is to stay away from Africans. Get the fuck out of here. Just get out, wherever you have to. Because there is no way to fix this. This is irreversible.”

Adams claimed that whites had to “go” and that he had moved to an area with a “very low population of Africa”. The artist said there was a “correlation” between the “predominantly black community” and “a lot of problems he didn’t see” in white-dominated neighborhoods, citing Don Lemon, African-American, CNN host.

He then stated that white people shouldn’t be helping African Americans because the work is said to not “repay”:

“So I don’t believe that as a white resident of America, it’s no longer meaningful to try to help Africans. There is no logic. There is no longer any reasonable wish. So I’m going to take a step back from being useful to African-Americans because it just doesn’t seem worth it.”

Scott Adams

Adams goes on to say that it’s not even worth trying:

“The only result was that I was seen as a fanatic. That is the only possible outcome. If you are white, there is no logic in helping African Americans. It’s done. “I don’t think it’s even worth trying.”

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The artist reiterated that white people “just need to stay away from them”, especially those who “don’t want to focus on education”. He also said that he was “really sick of watching video after video of black Americans beating non-black citizens” and that he witnessed “several black people beat some white people” every day “d * mn”.

Netizens condemn Scott Adams for racist remarks.

Scott Adams found himself in the midst of a major scandal after he publicly participated in a racial scandal and attacked African Americans over poll results in a YouTube video. His comments upset some social media users, with many taking to Twitter to criticize the cartoonist:

Therefore…. Scott Adams only spoke out loud the silence. There is a percentage of people who have rejected the racist narrative that I respect the most. But something must change. People call him racist, but the video speaks for itself. I’m tired of white violence

– Carolina Patriots (@ACarolinaGuy) February 24, 2023

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, has come under fire for calling black people a “hate group” after a poll showed half of them disagreed with whites. Race cheaters often call white people racist, but evidence shows that whites are the least racist, while blacks are the most racist.

— F0STRE (@F0STRE) February 25, 2023

Following the event, Cleveland’s Plain Dealer newspaper announced that it would no longer be collaborating with Dilbert’s artist Scott Adams and stated that the decision to remove the comic from its pages “was not a decision to make. hard”:

“This is a choice based on the values ​​of this newspaper company and the communities we serve. Racists have no place in our community. We certainly don’t want to help them. financially.”

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The Plain Dealer also mentioned that Adams’ comment came during Black History Month, and that readers may see some of Dilbert’s cartoons in the “next week” as parts of the cartoon are usually pre-produced. However, the publication may show a dark area where Dilbert is released until a replacement is found.

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