One Piece Creator Wades Into Controversy With A.I. Written Chapter

as an iconic writer femaleEiichiro Oda has long been praised for his creative prowess, which is why it came as a surprise when he experimented with AI-generated content. Writing such a long story is a challenge for even the best writers, but Oda manages to keep it up. female Although it’s the longest manga series ever created by an author, it’s fun and easy to understand. However, writing the same story for 26 years is certainly exhausting. That’s probably why the cartoonist recently revealed that he is working on artificial intelligence

Oda has shown interest in AI in the past, even using AI filters himself female artwork. However, recently, the topic of artificial intelligence is a hot topic on the internet. With the popularity of AI filters and art generators on social media apps like TikTok, many artists have taken to the internet to discuss the ethics of those technologies, while others vie with each other. trial. Oda Eiichiro Recent Twitter posts show an AI writing a female The chapters are his latest use of technology, but many fans aren’t sure what to do with it.

One Piece chapter written by Eiichiro Oda’s AI is causing a stir among fans

The tweet, posted on February 22, describes the AI ​​as writing a new chapter for humanity. female After being asked a “taboo question” by Oda. Surprisingly, the AI ​​did a pretty good job of writing the first story, about the kidnapping and rescue of Chopper. However, the second story doesn’t make much sense, with Nico Robin embarking on a strange adventure to find the tribe again. The stories also don’t fit the current plot female, it is clear that the AI ​​is taking inspiration from the old chapters. Even so, Oda found the story interesting, and even replied to the AI ​​that he would write the chapter that way.

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This move proved to be a controversial moment female author. Reaction to the tweet has been mixed, with some fans finding the content amusing while others expressing disappointment at the author’s use of AI, even in such an informal capacity. . While most fans know that Oda is probably just playing around with AI to see what it can do, there are fans who criticize him for choosing to use AI as an artist and creator. creator, despite knowing that AI creators have been charged with stealing Artwork from smaller creators.

Eiichiro Oda has no chance to replace his own authorship with AI femaleHowever, his use of AI to write a new chapter has sparked a lot of discussion about whether creators should use the technology. To reassure fans, Oda should clarify that he will never actually use AI for writing in the future. After all, AI will never be able to do that female Be fair like him.

source: Oda Eiichiro (via twitter)

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