Transformers: Rise of The Beasts Scourge Villain Toy Revealed [EXCLUSIVE]

main antagonist of Transformers: The Beast Rises is Scourge, leader of the new movie faction Terrorcons, and rant screen Check out the Transformers Studio Leader 101 Scourge toy first for the closest and most detailed official look!

exist Transformers Legend has it that Scourge was a notorious hunter and stalker who was evil at its core. The first generation of Scourge origins began in 1986 with a character introduction Transformer: Film The evil Decepticons were crafted by planet-eating supervillain Unicron from the remains of Thundercracker, one of Megatron’s jet fighters (think Starscream).

However, the alternate form of the newly formed Calamity is not Earth’s military jet fighters, but Cybertronian spaceplanes. His alternate form and approximate origin story are in beast risestarting with his truck body fitting Optimus Prime. That’s an interesting nod Transformers There are legends too, but more on that below!

Transformers Studio 101 series leader Calamity

From 8 years old | Retail: $54.99 | Available: 2/17)

Bring the epic action of the Transformers movies on the big screen to your collection with the all-new Transformers Studio Series 101 Scourge Leader 101 Scourge Action Figure. Inspired by iconic movie scenes and designed with specifications and details that reflect the Transformers cinematic universe, the new Scourge action figure is 8.5 inches tall and convertible from from robot to truck mode in 31 steps. This highly versatile figure features a detachable blade attachment and blade and claw attachment that can be attached to the Calamity in two modes and includes a removable backdrop display that the user can use. can be used by fans to create their own Puppet Style.

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Transformers Studio Series Leader 101 Scourge is available for pre-order January 31 at 1 p.m. ET at Hasbro Pulse and other major retailers. The full reveal and more will air tomorrow, January 31, 2023 at 11 a.m. ET in Hasbro Pulse’s Transformers Fan Stream.

Disasters come in many different forms Transformers Tales, from the intro to the toy line beast war Imported from Japan as a limited edition of Optimus Prime Robot Transform: Robot in Disguise A darker truck. exist beast riseThe second alternate form for Scourge (voiced by Peter Dinklage) will once again appear in truck form.

In Transformers: The Movie (1986), Primal Scourge, Unicron creates a sweeping army of this Cybertronian seaplane design.

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