Total Drama: 10 Most Unfair Eliminations Ranked

During the five seasons, full play Viewers are introduced to various characters, but only six contestants take home the grand prize like Owen, the lovable teenager whose positivity won him the first season. While Irving’s win was widely praised, some fans suggested that the other contestants did not have a fair chance to win the game due to the knockout results.

Whether it was due to technical problems, cheating or Chris changing the rules at the last minute, there must be full play Players are not disqualified fairly.

Owen (All-Series Action) – “Ocean’s Eight or Nine”

Although Irving was primarily responsible for his team’s loss in the knockout stages, the rest of the team decided to vote against Courtney. Unfortunately for Irving, no one was able to vote against Courtney for legal reasons and the only vote not for her was for Irving, resulting in the defending champion. total island drama was sent home.

While it wasn’t fair that Irving was eliminated, he got his second chance this season. However, he shouldn’t have been eliminated the first time around, as Beth, Lindsay and Justin all voted for Courtney. During the ordeal, all Courtney did was complain about the team she was on, and if her attorney hadn’t threatened to sue, Courtney would have been disqualified, not Irving.

Anne Maria (Revenge of the Island) – “Wasting a mine is a terrible thing”

Anne Maria and Duncan on a cramped wooden boat in Total Drama Revenge on the Island

Anne-Marie was disqualified after voluntarily leaving the game after Ezekiel gave her a diamond. Just before being sent home, Anne-Marie changed her mind when Chris announced that the diamond was worthless. However, her fate was sealed and she was forced to withdraw from the competition.

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Anne-Marie voluntarily gave up for the diamond, but her disqualification was unfair as she quickly changed her mind when Chris informed her of the valuable possession. What made her situation all the more troublesome was that although her team won the challenge, Chris didn’t give Anne-Marie a chance to defend herself.

DJ (Total Drama Island) – “Hook, Line, And Screamer”

All contestants hug DJ after being eliminated from Total Drama Island

The remaining contestants must survive the horror movie challenge without being caught by the Chef. And DJ, although not arrested, was disqualified. This is because Heather scares him off the island with her mask.

It’s not fair that the DJ is disqualified because the name of the game is not to get caught by the Chef and he technically didn’t get caught. He was terrified for Heather, and if anyone was about to be sent home it would be Owen or Izzy because they were the first to lose the challenge.

Sierra (Full Show World Tour) – “Awwwwww Drumheller”

Burnt-out Sierra Leone eliminated from Total Drama World Tour

Sierra didn’t even get the most votes when she was voted off the island by Chris. It all started when Sierra gave his friends a piece of cake before Chris revealed the contestant had just been eliminated. Unfortunately, the spark from the candle fell into the oil causing the plane they used during the season to explode. Angry Chris tells Sierra to pack up and leave.

Sera should not be eliminated just because she is invulnerable. She blew up the plane, but that didn’t let Chris end his chances of winning a reality show award. Instead of letting Sierra go, let Alejandro be eliminated because he’s the one with the most votes.

Noah (Total Drama World Tour) – “I See London…”

Angry Noah leaves Total Drama World Tour

In this episode, the player must capture Jack the Ripper, and Noah and his team will win. However, viewers discover that Courtney’s team has captured Duncan. In the end, Chris brought them victory and Noah was eventually sent home because he was overheard saying he didn’t trust Alejandro.

Noah’s elimination was a surprise. Like Lindsay, he and his team won the race, but worse yet, Chris completely changed their rules. In this case, Heather, Courtney, and Gwen will be disqualified for not catching Jack the Ripper.

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Lindsay (Total Drama Island) – “It’s Off The Chain”

The contestants waved goodbye as Lindsay left Total Drama Island in tears

Lindsay is another reality contestant who deserves a second chance. Her downfall began with a challenge where everyone had to build a bike, ride it, and cross the finish line. Heather won all the races, with Lindsay coming in second, but since neither Owen nor Duncan could finish, it meant that Lindsay finished last, resulting in her disqualification.

Lindsay deserves better and gave her all in this challenge, even helping Heather build her bike and complete the challenge with fairness and integrity. Instead of taking Lindsay home, Heather could use her immortality to save Lindsay, or because Owen and Duncan didn’t complete the challenge, either of them should be disqualified.

Heather (Total Drama Island) – “Triple Dod Dare You”

Angry Bald Heather removed from Total Drama Island

Heather’s fortunes ended in the semifinals, where the last three players had to juggle a game of bottles, in which the eliminated opponents posed a challenge to the remaining opponents. Heather’s bottle fell on Lindsay, who dared Chef to shave Heather’s head. At the last minute, Heather kicked the razor away, but it still hit her, shaving off her hair. Because she did not dare to volunteer, she was sent home.

Many fans might have been happy to see Karma back with Heather, but she should have stayed in the game. It’s hard to say who will lose in this challenge, as Owen and Gwen are up against Heather, but if she wins this particular match, Heather will easily win the All-Island. She plays hard, causing her to antagonize and even ruin her friendship with Lindsay.

Courtney (Total Drama Island) – “Basically Worrying”

Courtney was thrown into the sea and removed from Total Drama Island

Courtney’s team couldn’t make it through the Daily Challenge and they were disqualified. To her surprise, she was the one sent home, but the audience quickly discovered that Harold had manipulated the vote to back Duncan for choosing him.

Seeing Courtney return home was a huge shock to the fans, and their shock was even greater when it was revealed that Harold had rigged votes. Bullying others is wrong, but it’s wrong for Harold to chase Courtney because Courtney didn’t do anything to him. Worse yet, Courtney starts to loosen up around Duncan – and this pair is the best pair full playInstead, Harold should have been disqualified for ballot tampering, or Duncan for bullying.

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Max (Total Drama Pahkitew Island) – “Hot Scarlett”

Max and Scarlett in the infamous cannon after being eliminated from Total Drama Pahkitew Island

After Scarlett decides to destroy everyone on the island, Max is brought home. After she failed, Chris decided to get rid of Scarlett himself, but he didn’t stop there. He also decided to get rid of Max because, in Chris’s words, he was “temporarily freed from evil.”

Due to Scarlett’s actions, Max was disqualified. He has nothing to do with her dangerous plans and doesn’t even get a chance to defend himself or explain why he should stay. Scarlett is said to be the only one to go home, Max staying to go on to win the cash prize. With his intelligence, he could easily win this season.

LeShawna (Total Drama Island) – “Haute Camp-ture”

LeShawna carrying a suitcase after being eliminated from Total Drama Island

This is a special elimination ceremony because old players can vote to remove current players. Unfortunately, after the teen was tricked into saying LeShawna’s name, there was a domino effect that ended her time on the island.

this is the most unfair full play Disqualified because no one really wanted to see LeShawna go. In every other unfair knockout, at least one player actually wants to vote to get rid of the disqualified player, but not in this case. LeShawna didn’t even have a proper finale episode focusing on her because it was all about the ex-player. If the vote goes in the right direction, Heather can pack up her things.

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