My Cafe MOD APK (Menu/VIP 7, Fast Level up, move) 2023.3.0.0

APK information of My Cafe MOD

  • V1: VIP 7, quick upgrade, roving guests, staff
  • V2: Quick Upgrade, Mobile Guest, Staff

My Cafe shows you how to start a small business. Melsoft Games creates a starting point for all players from the waiter position, allowing you to accumulate a lot of experience. With My Cafe and realistic gameplay, players will learn from greeting customers to the fastest way to serve. From the first table you will have your own customers. Get the food and drink they ask for, and get paid. Your experience will increase with level. Expanding the cafe is easier as the character has more experience. My Cafe gradually turns players into professional traders.

Chat with customers by making choices in chat. You want your story to go in any direction My Cafe can build. Are you yearning to own a famous Coffee brand? My Cafe provides an opportunity for people to develop strategies to make their dreams come true. Ready to serve in the most professional way will bring you many loyal customers. As your level increases, now consider hiring more people for the best service. Chef is a similar game, but you will take steps to prepare a specific dish.

Download My Cafe MOD – Grow your store

My Cafe not only serves food, players are also free to confide in anyone who comes to their shop. With so many different backgrounds, you can learn new experiences from the conversation itself. Initially, at level 1, there’s not much you can do with the shop. My Cafe limits the level a player can level up. It would be ridiculous if you own a large restaurant and you don’t have enough management experience. Before you want to start scaling or anything like that, familiarize yourself with customer service. Don’t keep guests waiting too long after being seated. Say hello quickly and see what they need right away.

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coffee shop upgrade

You can’t do business with just a set of tables and chairs or a few cups of coffee. To become a big restaurant in the eyes of diners, a diverse service chain and modern facilities are necessary conditions. Equipment, interior, exterior and warehouse are items that need to be upgraded. However, to unlock all of them, you must have completed level 42. Tables and chairs are the basic items on the player’s infinite purchase list. Pay attention to the arrangement so that it is reasonable, saves space and brings beautiful landscape space to your customers.

my cafe mod apk

New recipe

Drink recipes are always a hot topic of every shop owner. My Cafe allows you to search and unlock attractive coffee recipes with many unique flavors. Players create new menus, which can even be customized according to the needs of each customer.


Create a group that shares the same passion for cafes and dining in general. My Cafe is fierce competition for restaurants. You need to figure out how to retain and attract new customers from your competitors. Map out an effective business plan to keep the store busy with customers.

Download my cafe mod

My Cafe simulates a restaurant business with a role-playing game that takes you into service locations. In fact, there are many games that allow you to build your own empire in certain regions. For example, FarmVille 2, Food Truck Chef is a game that makes you dream of owning a farm or restaurant. Download My Cafe MOD from a small beverage shop to expand it into an attention-grabbing dining center.

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Download My Cafe MOD APK for Android (Menu/VIP 7, Quick Upgrade, Mobile)

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