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A player with an extremely unique style has just been released recently. I mean lewd coast. This defense game not only gives you the experience of building defense towers to destroy monsters. The external elements in the game will bring you many moments of real excitement. Published by Nutaku, a publisher familiar to some players. You can recognize it just by hearing the name. It is recommended that impatient players do not read this article!

That’s not to mention the unimportant features but I believe people will only care about them. Although Lustful Shores is advertised as attractive, the gameplay elements are still very clearly present. To be precise, this is a gamer. Your task is to build strong defensive towers. To stop the enemy’s reckless attack. Each level will have consecutive rounds. The higher the number of rounds, the more and denser the monsters will be. Requires you to go through towers to deal with all of them, dealing massive damage.

Lustful Coast mod

  • Free shopping.
  • Free talent.
  • A lot of money to buy a tower. (in battle)

Download Lustful Shores mod – Defend the kingdom from monsters

You will be tasked with protecting the kingdom from the invasion of monsters. Somehow, they changed and went crazy. Now they are flooding your kingdom in large numbers. You must eliminate them to prevent any enemies from entering the territory of the kingdom. Otherwise, they will cause trouble and affect people’s lives. You will get many tower weapons and powerful magic. Combine everything that makes sense to create a strategy to defeat the enemy.

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Each level will consist of a certain number of rounds. The first round is just simple little monsters like goblins, werewolves. After that, larger and more dangerous monsters will appear, such as orcs, dragons or giant monsters. On the defensive side, there are friends who can build sturdy towers at designated locations. They are equipped with technology and weapons to repel and fight monsters. Prevent monsters from approaching our base camp. You win if you complete all the rounds in the level. Instead, let the monsters flood the base, throw away all lives and you will lose.

Charming coast mod apk

Unlimited strategy building

In Lustful Shores, there are a large number of powerful defensive towers. They are the core elements of goalkeeper players. Play the most important role in controlling and destroying monsters in the game screen. There are also obvious differences in the strength and function of each tower. There are towers that have the ability to break armor to slow down enemies, there are towers with mysterious magic… the number of towers is almost innumerable, and the parameters are also very different. The effect is not small on the game screen. Your task is to arrange them so that they can maximize their power against the monsters.

Lustful seaside mod

all kinds of magic

Accompanied by powerful defensive towers, it is impossible not to mention all kinds of spells. With extremely high damage and effects, you might consider recommending it. They will help you out of dangerous situations, such as enemies approaching the base and the tower not strong enough to destroy it. Let it rain down on a fire with a Fireball, or keep it there long enough for the tower to be strong enough to destroy with a Cyclone. In general, magic is an integral part of every battle, as it helps you redirect to a visible target. Choose carefully based on their effects and strength, as the number of spells in each level will be limited.

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get a gift

In your journey in Lustful Shores there are many levels and you must overcome hundreds of dangerous monsters. So the game rewards you. For effort, you invest in overcoming challenges. Part of this is to encourage you to keep fighting and get to the end of the game. These can be small gifts by completing level quests. Or receive valuable gifts when completing certain levels or killing bosses. Either way, work harder to kill all the monsters in Lustful Shores.

Lustful Shores mod for free

Summary. Along with the characters are hot girls who will accompany you throughout the game. Lustful Shores is a good player that you can enjoy for a long time. Each level of the game has beautiful 3D graphics. Beautiful and charming 2D characters. You will not be able to take your eyes off the experience. Download the Lustful Shores mod and fight against evil monsters.

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