Elden Ring’s Roundtable Hold Invasions Explained (Alberich & Ensha)

most of Elden’s ring The player may have been invaded by the Mad Tongue Alberich witch appearing in the lower floors of the Round Table Fort. The fight begins almost inexplicably, requiring the player to jump off the balcony where Rogier has settled in the central area. Mad Tongue Alberich has no dialogue and only drops multiplayer items, but there are several other hints throughout the game that help him. Elden’s ringlegendary s.

Fighting Mad Tongue Alberich in the Roundtable is one of many NPC invasions Elden’s ring. He can be especially difficult for some, as players can join roundtables at fairly low levels, but even defeating Mad Tongue Alberich and talking to other characters in the area does. can’t tell the story.

Having trouble defeating Mad Tongue Alberich Elden’s ring? Check out Cerny Gaming’s combat guide below for some great tips on how to take out Roundtable raiders!

Players will have to wait until the game is deeper for more information, but they can get it in the end Elden’s ringAlberich’s Set, clothing worn by the mages who invaded the Fort of the Round Table.

What Mad Tongue Alberich’s Set Reveals

This suit was not dropped by Mad Tongue Alberich himself, but by defeat Elden’s ring The Roundtable Invaders will provide the player with a Finger Healing Potion called Furlcalling and Tonter’s Tongue. The armor set consists of a hat and cape studded with red glittering stones (symbolizing his magic, which is heretical to Raya Lucaria Academy), with the inscription:

Alberich is an aloof and distracted heretic wizard who is said to have gone mad with a mocking tongue while serving the Round Table.

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legend in Elden’s ring Never simple, this item description doesn’t really explain why Alberich was hacked. Aside from the fact that Alberich Mad Tongue is a ship that transports key multiplayer items in Taunter’s Tongue, some speculation about his role could be made based on where the raider armor set is found. of Roundtable Hold.

Alberich’s collection at Elden’s ringThe second roundtable was held in the dilapidated capital, Liondale. It is speculated that this was the original round table room where important figures would gather during the Golden Order’s heyday. It has been reduced to rubble along with the rest of the capital, and Alberich’s clothes can be found on a corpse corresponding to where he invaded the new Fort of the Round Table.

Mad Tongue Alberich could serve as the original roundtable

Dragon statue in Elden Ring

Originally led by Eternal Queen Marika, the Order of the Golden Knights, once led by Grace, now urges the Vandals to search for the Fragment of Eldon’s Ring. It is not clear where the new Fort of the Round Table is located, but given that Great Will rebuilt the building, it can be inferred that the original version of Lyndel was important to the Golden Order and political influencers prior to its dissolution. broken.

Mad Tongue Alberich may have served initially Elden’s ringQueen Malika or the entire Golden Order, and the madness his armor points to probably kept him in the role. If Alberich remains loyal to Morgott, and he sits on Leyndell’s throne when the player arrives, he may consider the new Roundtable heresy, even though it is under the direction of Two Fingers and the Greater Will.

Interested in learning more about the former roundtable member? Watch the YouTube video below from Hambo for some (but not all) of the former Golden Order guard.

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Elden’s ring The lore is difficult to piece together, especially with supporting characters like Mad Tongue Alberich. Nearly all of the Midlands have been driven into madness since the breakup, so NPC behavior isn’t always rationalized, but Mad Tongue Alberich’s Roundtable invasion has can be at least reasonably considered Elden’s ring.

Round Table Invasion: Ensha of the Royal Relic

Royal Relic Armor in Elden Ring

After discovering the first half of the Halitree Medallion, returning to the Hold Round Table will trigger another invasion, this time from the Ensha of the Royal Relic. Ensha will continue to invade the Roundtable Hold until he is defeated, and upon completing that, the player will be able to claim the Royal Remains armor set from where he was before. After Ensha is killed, a new dialogue with Gideon Ofnir will also unlock. I said:

Oh I’m sorry for that nasty thing. Ensha seems to be a bit ahead of her time. As his owner, I would like to express my regret. But now, Eunsha has been killed and disappeared. It’s over, forever.

Given that Ensha will only invade the Roundtable if the player finds some Halitree Medals, it is likely that Gideon had previously demanded that Ensha obtain the Medal at all costs. After all, Ensha wouldn’t even talk to the Vandal until then. Eventually, the player will also face Gideon, and if Ensha doesn’t initiate the invasion, it could be one of them. Elden’s ring Boss battles are more difficult.

Ensha penetrates the Roundtable Hold more directly than Mad Tongue Alberich attacks the player, but by talking to people Elden’s ring NPCs, and paying attention to their true nature, can grasp what’s going on.

  • Elden ring game poster Elden’s ring Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, Microsoft Windows Release time: February 25, 2022 Developer: FromSoftware Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment Genre: Action, RPG Multiplayer: Online Co-op, Online Multiplayer ESRB: Male Summary: Elden Ring is the next big game from From Software, the creators of games like Armored Core, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. The player assumes the role of a Defiled character, one who was exiled to the Lands Between and returned to repair the Elden Ring following the events of “The Shattering”. “Shattered” occurs when the descendants of Queen Malika scramble for shards of Elden’s Ring, known as the Great Rune. Their war has brought chaos, destruction, and chaos to the land, and players will challenge them with the help of a maiden named Melina as they travel to the great tree of Edd to face off against them. his destiny and become the only true Lord of Eldon. Players can play the game as they want and create their own character as they wish – whether it’s a powerful magical mage or a brutal swordsman – and they have full control over their character. me. Elden Ring is the company’s most successful Souls game, and future DLC is expected. Expansion Pack: Colosseum Mode: single player, multiplayer
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