How To Get Chip The Pet in WoW: Dragonflight

Chip is one of many new pets World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion, the latest expansion to the series. Chip is a rare elemental battle pet that can be purchased from Yries Lightfingers in The Waking Shores. Chip can learn Quicksand, Stoneskin, Stone Rush, Leech Life, Sandstorm, and Obsidian Bite, making him useful against mechs. At full level, Kip has 260 Speed, 1481 Strength, and 1481 Health, making him well worth buying him for the next few steps.

plot”restore purpose“Needs to be completed before chips can be purchased. The plot involves completing a number of simple quests centered around recovering the black dragon. Players will assist Sabellian and Wrathion in a series of quests to help hatch. some black dragon eggs.

Complete recovery objectives to earn chips in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

The first mission in restore purpose include heir And heir to the throne. For players familiar with the world, both quests are easy to complete OH and its style of play. The quest can be found by talking to Sabelion and Wrathion at the Obsidian Throne. Next, the player must choose which dragon to lead the Black Dragonflight. Whoever the player chooses, they will have some correspondence with the various characters in the castle and report back to their chosen dragon leader. Both of these quests reward some gold and experience for solving problems. The player will then accept the Black Wagon Flight.

Follow the pair to their next mission, Black Wagon Flight. Talk to Sabellian and escort the egg wagon down the trail while protecting it from random encounters. The mission ended with the wagon on fire, but Sabelian was one step ahead of her enemies. Then the player needs to go to Ruby Life Temple to complete this quest and get some gold World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion and experiment, and find out what really happened to the egg.

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After starting the next mission, the last egg worker, Sabellian reassures everyone that the eggs are safe, so now the player will go to the left side of Ruby Lifeshrine and talk to Mother Elion. The player will then help Mother Elion restore the Black Dragon Egg area by sweeping leaves, weeding, and polishing the Ruby Temple Guardians. Finally, after receiving the gold and experience reward, the player will take the quest Lifeguards on duty.

Meet Alexstrasza via Ruby Oathstone to complete Lifeguards on duty And get some gold coins, experience and life gift rubies. From Alexstrasza, the player can accept A Purpose Restored’s final quest, called A Charge of Care. Players will witness the black dragon egg rejoining the blood pool in a cutscene, then complete missions for rewards. World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion end restore purpose.

Once the storyline is complete, players will now have access to a selection of Yries Lightfingers items for purchase. Yries Lightfingers can be found on the Obsidian Throne in Obsidian Castle, on the balcony facing the Wrathion’s Throne. On the in-game map, the coordinates are 26.4 and 55.4. In addition to Chip, Yries also sells Blacktalon Wingback, Magmammoth Harness, Annoy-o-Tron Gang, Stolen Rocket Hop and Prototype F. Chips are sold for 3 Elemental Infused Blood, 2 Pre-Sentient Rock Cluster and 1 Rock of Aegis.

To get Chips, players need to farm resources that can be exchanged for Yries for pets. Aegis Rock can be obtained from elite monsters at 28.6 and 57.6 on the game map. Players who played different storylines with different factions OH: dragon family Previous quests may have had this item in their inventory. Elemental Infused Blood can be found by completing the quest Tarkin’s Tale while killing Primal Dragon and Primal Drake on the Waking Shore. Grod the Ancient also sometimes drops elemental blood. Clusters of pre-perception stones dropped by Primal Terrasentries in Ruby Health Pools.

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Players can also visit the Auction House to purchase Presenting Rocks and Elemental Infused Blood. However, Chip’s popularity can make it difficult to find for sale. After collecting the necessary items, the player can return to Aerys Lightfinger in the Obsidian Throne to buy chips, that is World of Warcraft: Dragon Legion.

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