Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 6.3.1

Vegas Crime Simulator puts you in the role of street chaos in different situations. Deep into the underworld, players can become notorious gangsters. But you don’t have juniors, in this city you can do whatever you want. People panic when they see you, and police everywhere issue arrest warrants. Vegas Crime Simulator lets you become a dangerous criminal. So if you think you will do a good deed or save the world, then this game is not for you. Fight, fight, steal cars… do whatever you want. However, if you don’t want to be caught, you should also have a plan to escape if the police come.

Vegas Crime Simulator game gives players the freedom to do what they want, even if it’s against the law. However, when the police arrive, you must have a detailed plan. The chase action scenes between the police and you always keep the atmosphere emotional. Players need to try their best not to get caught or destroyed. In many different crime levels, you can face the most advanced weapon system of the FBI. Note the upper right corner of the screen, 5 stars is the highest level of game violation. In that case you will face a lot of police. You can also refer to the unique graphics and similar gameplay of Dude Theft Wars game.

Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD – Street Fight

Starting as an ordinary, free citizen, the player will be tasked with moving and fighting. Through your actions, the crime level will increase over time. The real scenario begins when the police arrive. Instead of walking on the street like before, you are flying in a car or hiding somewhere. Naxeex LLC has miniature GTA-style games, but the downloads on the platform have always been terrible. Rope Hero: Vice Town is also a game with similar gameplay, but you have the special power of Spider-Man. Try it out if you like novel moves and extras.

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freedom movement

You can walk or run freely in the first level and follow the instructions to complete the mission. There are navigation keys, running and jumping are selected when moving normally. For the use of cars, planes and other vehicles, Vegas Crime Simulator has its own tailored control mode.

Observation support map

To see exactly where you are, use the map in the left corner of the screen. Watch for places that are dangerous to you and avoid being there. Sometimes because I didn’t notice, I ran and found the police station while running. What will happen next, perhaps needless to say?

Download Las Vegas Crime Simulation Mod

Change weapons in the game

You can change weapons in the game without preparing or exiting the screen. There aren’t many guns to choose from, but Vegas Crime Simulator APK has everything from casual to professional. Glock, AK-74, shotgun, grenade launcher are weapons you can choose from. But each gun requires its own ammo and you need to buy more ammo to attack. 9mm, Magnum 357, Nato 556mm, 762mm are the respective ammunition types. Players can also choose rockets or grenades for emergencies.

Change of appearance

Some clothing models, the option to easily change faces give players a new look on the go. The Chetike look is the right outfit to make you a gentleman. Blue shirt, burnt pants for people who like colors. Some colorful clothes. However, this will not help you avoid a wanted person. The only way to get rid of this crime is to kill the policemen who are chasing you.

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Vegas crime simulator mod apk

Vegas Crime Simulator allows players to disrupt the city with different types of criminals. Planes, robots or spaceships… you can control them as a combat vehicle. Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD and start your fight right away with simple battle or kill.

Download Vegas Crime Simulator MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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