10 Most Expensive LEGO Sets In 2022

LEGO just revealed a new one black Panther Set for release on October 1st, this is just another release that shows just how enduring and popular LEGO will be. LEGO bricks have inspired millions of generations to want to build and have long made building a fun collectible. From kids with endless possibilities at their fingertips, to demanding LEGO masters with fully furnished rooms dedicated to displaying their collections, the brick empire is always open and welcoming. .

Catering to lovers of all levels, these sets range from simple and inexpensive to affective and complex relationships. For LEGO enthusiasts looking to test their mettle on more complex parts, this experience can come at a premium. Lego’s most expensive sets, made up of fantasy ships, historic buildings and luxury sports cars, boast thousands of pieces, with asking prices skyrocketing to nearly four number.

Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 #42115: $449.99

If the $3.5 million asking price for a full-size roadster is out of your budget, the LEGO model of the Italian supercar offers a more affordable alternative. Part of the LEGO Technics collection, the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 is an outstanding luxury sports car recreated in full 1:8 scale.

Boasting the same lemon yellow and photoelectric color scheme as the Sián FKP 37, this model also features mirrored details including the iconic Lamborghini scissor door, realistic 8-speed transmission, fake V12 engine and the cockpit and suspension are playable. Packaged in a luxury Lamborghini-branded box with a ‘coffee table quality’ instruction booklet, this detailed 3696 set is a must-have for car and LEGO collectors.

Ferrari Daytona SP3 #42143: $449.99

LEGO Ferrari Daytona

Sharing the Sián FKP 37’s price point, the Ferrari Daytona SP3 brings the Ferrari Stallion to the manufacturer’s table in the brand’s unmistakable Rosso Corsa red. The car’s 5.5 inches tall, 23 inches long and 9.5 inches wide are also combined in 1:8 scale with all-round inspiration, creating an impressively large work.

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Comprising 3778 parts, the Daytona SP3 features butterfly doors, a V12 engine with moving pistons, an eight-speed transmission, chrome rims and a fully removable roof that transforms the car into a Targa. Like its running counterpart, the LEGO Daytona SP3 is designed for show.

Hogwarts Castle #71043: $469.99


While LEGO has produced many sets, BrickHeadz and minifigures related to the wizarding world Harry Potter, nothing is greater or more important than Hogwarts Castle. Originally released in 2001 as a set of 4709 (682 pieces), the castle has grown in size and complexity throughout successive re-releases.

The newest incarnation of Hogwarts has skyrocketed to 6,020 pieces, a massive and intriguing undertaking. Consisting of the Great Hall, Chamber of Secrets, Classroom, Staircase, Willow Tree, Hagrid’s Cabin and 4 minifigures/27 minifigures, every nook and cranny of the castle is teeming with whimsical porters Fans have long wanted to experience it for themselves.

Cat D11 bulldozer app controlled #42131: $499.99

lego bulldozer

The LEGO Cat D11 Bulldozer surpasses both of these supercars in terms of price and is a force to be reckoned with. 10 inches tall, 22 inches long and 15.5 inches wide, this miniature replica of Cat’s largest bulldozer is made of 3,854 yellow and black parts, bringing the construction site to the builder’s living room. .

The Cat D11 bulldozer is not just a showcase but an application-controlled experience. With the LEGO CONTROL+ app, builders can drive bulldozers and control bulldozers, cultivators and ladders, making construction half as much fun.

Hogwarts Express – Collector’s Edition #76404: $499.99

LEGO Hogwarts Express Train

While there’s another, more kid-friendly version of the Hogwarts Express, the newly revamped Collector’s Edition offers a more detailed experience. Containing 5129 parts, this 1:32 scale replica of the groundbreaking steamship measures 46.5 inches in length.

Located on platform 9 3/4, the set includes rails, engines, coal trucks and 3-car wagons with cinematic interiors related to 3 classic scenes from the series. The set also includes 20 minifigures, with many waiting to make their way to Scotland.

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Colosseum #10276: $549.99

Lego Arena

Taking builders back to the days of gladiators and giving them the architectural voice of Vespasian, the LEGO reconstruction of the Colosseum is an astounding engineering feat. Containing 9036 epic bricks, this set is one of LEGO’s biggest and hardest builds.

With great respect for the largest amphitheater in history, this set not only recreates the stand-alone oval structure, but also extends down to include the basement below the arena floor. While the Colosseum is a costly undertaking in terms of money and time, the ability to recreate one of the Seven Wonders and display it at home is an appealing idea to serious builders.

LEGO Titanic #10294: $679.99

Lego Titanic

With 9090 bricks, Titanic surpassed the Colosseum to become LEGO’s largest set of 54 bricks, providing the ultimate test for professional builders. Divided into three sections, the 53-inch British ship not only showcases the ship in all its glory, but also the workings within.

The cross-section of the ship is full of life, depicting everything from the cabin, the grand staircase, the first-class dining room, the smoking room to the boiler room. With 300 windows, a swimming pool, multi-level bridges and even a lifeboat, the film transports its builders in the most ingenious way possible to the tragic and luxurious ship. inspired one of cinema’s most epic love stories. one.

Imperial Star Destroyer – Terminator #75252: $699.99

Lego Star Destroyer

Despite containing “just” 4784 puzzle pieces, Devastator built a massive 17″, 43″ long and 26″ wide. Star Wars: New HopeThe ship includes a rotating radar cannon, tilting radar antenna, engine exhaust and two Empire minifigures.

The bridge towers are famous for their deflection shields/tractor beam antennas and the Tantive IV can add wonderful details to the surface of the ship, adding colorful accents to the dark gray tones of the building. home.

AT-AT #75313: $849.99

lego toys

Moving LEGO’s affinity for Empire vehicles from the sky to the ground is AT-AT, who recreated the tune of 6785 builds. While there’s another, more reasonably priced AT-AT that’s almost a foot tall and holds 6 minifigures, the Ultimate Collector’s Series character is purposely made to feel small.

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Almost twice as tall and with 3 minifigures, the size difference leads to significant changes in storage capacity and granularity. With its flexible head and feet, cinematic cockpit, recoil cannon and operable hatch, the AT-AT behaves like it’s on the battlefield. The AT-AT also has removable panels and an interior large enough to hold 40 minifigures, 2 speed bikes, and an included E-Web blaster that is both a centerpiece and a secret storage device.

Millennium Falcon #75192: $849.99

Lego Millennium Falcon

The most popular spaceship in the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon is a must-have for anyone Star Wars lego lovers. First launched in 2000, the popular freighter has since undergone a series of rebirths in a variety of sizes and price points. While each version has its merits, there is only one version for the stalwart.

This set has a total of 7541 pieces and is 33 inches long with intricate details inside and out of the boat. From the turret and hatch hatch to the supercharged engine room and quadruple cockpit, the fun begins as Hans, Chewy and the rest of the crew travel to faraway places, with an expensive price


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