How to Check if Your Identity Has Been Stolen?

Some of the typical signs that your identity has been stolen include a merchant rejecting your credit card for unknown reasons, unknown payments from your account, no receipts. regular application or other timely mail or unspecified credit report. A reliable way to check is to use the free people search. Type your name in the search bar and see if anything unexpected pops up online.

Signs of identity theft

Your health care provider may deny a legitimate claim, telling you that your records show that you have exceeded the benefit limit. You may be charged for services you never received. Your records show an illness for which you were never officially diagnosed.

One obvious sign is to contact a debt collector about a debt that isn’t yours. Tax fraud sufferers say the IRS denied their tax returns or told them they filed more than one return. Another consequence of identity theft and subsequent tax fraud is being accused of withholding income from a company you never worked for. Here are other ways to check and find out if your identity has been stolen.

Check your mail often

Not getting your regular bill, credit card statement, or letter from your healthcare provider is worrisome. Thieves will change the address your card company or healthcare provider has and redirect mail to another address.

Getting a statement for an account you never opened or an invoice for a product or service you don’t use is a clear warning sign. This could mean that someone used your personal information to open an illegal account. Don’t ignore unexpected mail from the IRS.

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Your credit report will show theft

The purpose of a credit report is not only to determine your creditworthiness and credit score. It will show the first signs if your identity has been stolen. You need a full copy of your credit report to do a thorough review of all your balances and accounts. Reporting items show open credit cards, student loans, credit inquiries, auto loans, mortgages, and more.

Contact Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion to get a fraud alert on your report. Once this is done, thieves will not be able to continue wreaking havoc on your financial information. Furthermore, most card companies do not hold customers accountable for fraudulent charges made on their behalf without their knowledge.

The credit bureau you choose will ask for your personal information to verify your identity. They will then call the other two offices and all three will place a fraud alert on your application. Any company that wants to lend you money for the next three months will see this warning. If someone applies for a loan on your behalf during this time, the lender will contact you to verify your identity and verify that you have applied yourself.

What to do if your identity is stolen?

The FTC must generate an ID theft report. The fraud alert on your credit report will be basic or extensive. Basic alerts are set for one year and expand to seven. You should also get copies of any documents related to identity theft. You need to replace your important documents.

You can prevent creditors and debt collectors from reporting debts incurred in your name by refuting false information in your report. Identity theft will be substantiated by an FTC report, which will make it easier to solve any problems caused by criminals.

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Report a crime as soon as you receive a statement showing unauthorized charges from your bank, credit card company, or other financial institution. You are not responsible if you report theft within 60 days of receiving the report. Under the Justice for All Law, the competent court must include you in all public proceedings.

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