Stacia Karcher Announced That She And Her Boyfriend Nate Barnes Had Broken Up

Marry at First Sight star Stacia Karcher recently admitted her divorce from boyfriend Nate Barnes. She admitted that they divorced and separated. During the opening episode of Married at First Sight Nashville on Thursday night, Stacia informed host Kevin Frazier that Nate was no longer around and it was time for her to move on. In the 15th season of the series Married at First Sight, Stacia Karcher and Nate Barnes were guests. The couple previously spent Decisive Day and then stayed together. Although they love each other deeply, they also have disagreements and problems.

They encountered occasional obstacles, but they overcame them. Earlier this year, in November, it was revealed that they were living in the middle of their home. Nate thinks it’s a better way to live. He lives in the city, while Stacia lives in the suburbs.

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“I took my time,” Stacia Karcher said of her divorce from Nate Barnes on Married at First Sight.

Stacia Karcher told host Kevin Frazier on the opening episode of Married at First Sight Nashville,

“Nate is no longer with us. I’m actually divorced. Well, it’s past time to move on. All he promises in the show are just words. There’s no movement.”

She continued by saying,

“I give him time. I sit and wait. I wait patiently. I live with him so he has more time to see that I’m serious. I still want to be friends with you. I don’t hold any grudges. with him I have always, liked, admired him.

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Stacia says that she and Nate have no future in their relationship and that their love is now “friendship” not passionate love.

Kevin Frazier asked,

“Did you close that door?”

Stacia replied,

“No, we’re not coming back.”

Although Nate and Stacia said “I do” at the altar, soon there was a storm. The pair were seen arguing on camera during a show last month. Nate didn’t think it was time for them to live together or have children. Stacia hopes to have a baby within a year. On the other hand, Nate thinks it will take at least a few years for them to form an emotional connection.

She appeared in the episode announcing her mother,

“I asked to break up with Nate… So I guess divorce. I’m not sure. I went to the event wanting to go faster and was fine with that. I don’t believe anyone would go into this process thinking, ‘Sure, I want to marry this stranger, but now I want it to be easy’. ‘OK, so why are we getting married?’ I think. Am I staying with someone who isn’t there and anchoring myself?”

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