Harley Quinn Cosplay Does Classic Costume Better Than The Suicide Squad Movie

Going back to her DC Comics debut, Harley Quinn is one of the worst villains ever, and her proximity to the Prince of Crime, the Clown himself, makes she became especially evil. Thanks to this comic cosplay, it proves that Harley’s Age of Evil designs have a look worthy of the big screen!

Anastasiya Dryomova aka Dryoma (u/dryoma_cosplay) has posted to the community of over 37,000 r/HarleyQuinn on Reddit not only does she look amazing in a homemade Harley outfit, but she applies the same skills when it comes to makeup. into other pop culture icons And the creativity that is incorporated into her craft, all with dramatic results.

Also, try on Judy Alvarez .’s outfit Electronic 2077 Video games, Makima from popular anime and manga chainsaw manand even an inverted Draco Malfoy cosplay Harry PotterDryoma goes on to come up with some great designs that any fan of these characters and the dozens of others she represents can appreciate.

Harley Quinn’s Wicked Times costume features live-action cosplay designs

Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn, has tried her best to become a DC Comics hero after finally becoming independent and free of the Joker’s toxic ways, but she’s still at a crossroads. career path, bloodshed and destruction more than fans can turn with a giant hammer. Famous for his more traditional black, red, and white clown uniform and living under the Joker’s grip, Harley sheds the dark parts of her past and finds friends, lovers, and goals. new and of course Target. The character design throughout the making of her original image is fondly remembered by fans, even if it’s not something Harry himself likes to talk about much.

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Harry’s villain design is accurately recreated in this photo, allowing fans to see Delema in all of her cosplay glory, so it’s a shame that Delema wasn’t cast for a live action project with Miracle character. Delema wears a sleek Harley rubber suit that’s the right color for her comics, with white frills on the wrists, a white collar ornament, and of course a hat. and her signature bell, and she also carries a posing Harley with her trusty beater of choice, which uses the same color palette as the Harley. Her clown costume perfectly shows the line between the character’s similarly designed oversized hammer and her current baseball bat weapon.

With a mischievous grin behind eyes that seem to be about to bleed as he takes off this perfect piece, this cosplay returns to square one for a former villain who has never looked better. Harley Quinn may have done her fair share of it lately, but that doesn’t mean bringing it back to her original design as Dryoma (u/dryoma_cosplay) won’t be a fan favorite, hopefully. that future DCU movie makers won’t welcome either!

Source: u/dryoma_cosplay

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