Trombone Champ: How to Find (& Install) Custom Songs

Trombone Champ players who want to add custom songs to a rhythm game need to follow several steps, including installing the files.

For players interested in custom songs, they just have to look at Trombone Champion. When eccentric rhythms and dance come together, this game can turn even non-musicians into a pro trombone player. While a selection of in-game songs is already available, players may be surprised to learn that they can also install custom songs.

Developed by Holy Wow mid-September Trombone Champion It was a hit from the start. Trombone Champion Help players unravel the mysteries of the Trombiverse by letting players honk, blow, and beep through dozens of songs as they collect unique Tromboner cards. can be played on a controller that doesn’t look like a real trombone, Trombone Champion Not just one guitar hero clonal line.

For players who have already started trombone champion, They need to handle some downloads to add custom songs to this new rhythm game. The first thing players need is BepInEx, an extension that allows players to start adding custom songs. Once players have downloaded this file, they’ll need to go to the game in their Steam library, right-click on the title, and select Browse Local Files.

Custom song settings

trombone champion play

inside of – Trombone Champion In the opened local folder, the player can click and drag downloaded files into the game folder. Players should open this folder and get started Trombone Champion This will create all the necessary files in the game once new files are included. The player can then turn on a song, exit, and exit the game.

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Move necessary game files to Trombone Champion players will need to download the TrombLoader plugin to their “TromboneChamp/BepInEx/plugins” folder to continue the process. The player should save the file, then open and exit the game. When returning to the BepInEx folder, players will see a “Custom Songs” folder where they can add new tracks.

When everything is in place, players can check online to download the exact new tracks as they strive to become the best trombonist in the world. Trombone Champion A specific way to add custom songs to the game hasn’t been implemented yet, and it looks like doing so will require some workaround. While there are plenty of tracks to choose from, Lazy Town’s “We Are Number One”, Final Fantasy VII’s “One-Winged Angel” and Dragonforce’s “Through the Fire and Flames” are just a few examples of the tracks. songs that the player already has mods for. a game.

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