From The Last of Us to Immortality, these are 2022’s most innovative games

What makes the video game industry so exciting is that it is still relatively young. Developers still routinely discover new ways to change the medium, redefining the idea of ​​what a game is by bucking the trends. Although big productions like god of war ragnarok are certainly impressive, the most revolutionary titles are often the least obvious.

This was the case in 2022, when the developers completely deconstructed some basic concepts about the games. In some cases, this has been expressed through new approaches to gameplay, creating experiences unlike anything you’ve seen in the medium. Others were at an even higher level, challenging us to think for whom certain projects are intended. From a massive remake project to the smallest action game, these were some of the most innovative games of 2022.

The Last of Us Part I

Ellie petting a giraffe in The Last of Us Part I.

At first sight, The Last of Us Part Iopting in for users here may seem strange. Sony’s expensive remake was at the center of controversy when it released earlier this year, with fans claiming its existence was unnecessary. However, this PlayStation 5 exclusive is incredibly important for a reason that may not be immediately obvious: affordability. The new version brought with it a number of accessibility features and settings to allow more players to experience the game, some potentially for the first time. In that sense, The Last of Us Part I is critical work on game preservation that questions what a remake should do and who it should be for. It focuses on righting the wrongs of the game’s history by making its biggest titles more inclusive experiences.

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vampire survivors

The character fights with bats in Vampire Survivors.

Build something completely unique, vampire survivors first had to deconstruct. Its graphics are out of date and its controls are simple. It’s an action game that feels extremely primitive next to something flashy. bayonet 3. That is exactly what makes it special. As the gaming industry as a whole moves towards better experiences, vampire survivors take a step back and focus on what really makes the game fun. Emphasize hard-hitting decisions like weapon upgrade options and basic movement, rather than complicated attack combos and complex RPG systems. One stick is all it takes to create something that feels classic and unlike anything you’ve ever seen.


A woman is outside in a city in Immortality.

The works of director Sam Barlow have always thrown gaming conventions overboard. His debut His storyit simply had players search through video clips while mentally putting together a murder mystery. Immortality it is not only based on that idea; reinvents it. As His story, players review the recorded clips to try to decipher the history of the missing movie actress Marissa Marcel. To find these clips, players can click on characters or objects within a video clip and go to another clip that shows what they have selected. The alignment system looks like a magic trick, bringing static video clips to life. It may not have an impact on the gaming space, but it could revolutionize interactive media on a larger scale.


Andreas chooses his past in Pentimento.

Right now, we’re no strangers to games that rely on the idea of ​​choice. Series like Mass Effect have players choose their own path, usually allowing them to make black-and-white decisions that shape their characters’ morality. penance, a narrative RPG set in the 16th century, goes against that idea in one important way: it does away with the concept of good and evil entirely. Instead, he doesn’t judge any decision you make as you try to solve his murder mysteries. Each action is simply a natural part of the story, shaping the future of your fictional town of Tassing. With a history spanning decades, penance it allows players to feel the real weight of every choice they make instead of overwhelming them with a barrage of decisions that only determine whether you are good or bad.

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By the time dusk falls, we’re also OFK

The character Dusk falls is seen worried about the night in the restaurant.

Many modern games try to imitate television and movies, but few dare to imitate their structures. After all, god of war ragnarok it wouldn’t sell as many copies if it were a tight three-hour epic. Two games this year took a new formal approach to gaming, including the episodes that preceded them: as dusk falls and we are OFK. Both play as interactive television episodes, divided into five 30- to 60-minute episodes. we are OFK he even went out of his way to release a new episode every week to encourage conversation among fans. This approach had a noticeable impact on the pacing of each, allowing its developers to tell more concise stories within a digestible arc, rather than bombarding players with information.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Hisuian Braviary in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

I hesitate to include Pokemon Legends: Arceus on this list because the innovativeness of the Pokémon series often feels years behind the rest of the games. However, the spinoff title is worth noting for its willingness to turn an established series that doesn’t need to change to be profitable from the inside out. arceus It’s packed with little gameplay innovations that completely refresh the monster catching experience. From its mobile game-like progression goals to the ability to simply throw a ball to catch Pokémon, the RPG is full of small but impressive quality-of-life improvements that I suspect will set a new standard for the genre it inspired. even a recent one Scarlet Pokemon and Violet it looks like old news when placed next to it.

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