GTA Online: How to Unlock The New Annis Euros

Annis Euros is one of 10 new cars from Los Santos Tuners. This guide will show players how to get it in GTA Online.

Annis Euros is one of the newest additions car theft online. This guide will show players how they can collect this new car. car theft online Los Santos Tuners recently received a major content update. In this update, players can join clubs and meet other fans scattered throughout the city. Players can show off their favorite personal vehicles, participate in races on private tracks, see other players’ racing skills in real time, and play with new contracts. It wouldn’t be a significant update if the game didn’t introduce players to new cars. Annis launches Euro car theft online This guide will show players how to get it.

For players interested in the Los Santos Tuners update, players will receive a text message from Mimi when they launch the game after downloading. They will reach out and invite players to join their club. Upon arrival, players need to spend $50,000 to enter the club. Players will now have access to the new progression system and everything else that came with this update. Annis Euros can be unlocked in Los Santos Tuners, but players can do so in different ways. Players can earn Annis Euro in the following ways.

How to get Annis Euro in GTA Online

Players have 2 different ways to receive Annis Euros.

  • Option 1: Players can buy Annis Euros from Legendary Motorsport for 1,800,000 USD.
  • Method 2: Players can participate in the prize riding challenge. This challenge will prompt the player for the tasks they need to complete. The challenge itself is randomly chosen for each player, but something like “Top 3 for 3 consecutive days”. It takes a bit of skill, but will save players some cash.
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The easier path is obviously method 1, but some players may enjoy the thrill of trying to unlock weapons the old-fashioned way. It matches the tone of the Los Santos Tuners update, where players can unlock vehicles by winning races. and car theft online It’s coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in the coming months, and it’ll be interesting to see what other content updates are added to the game. car thief 6 Until then it remains shrouded in mystery.

car theft online Now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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