DC Art Imagines James Gunn’s Younger Superman & Shows Why He’s Perfect

A new DC artwork hints at James Gunn’s young Superman in the rebooted DCU and explains why David Corenswet is the perfect man for the role. DC has undergone a major overhaul, with Gunn and producer Peter Safran now leading the new DC Studios. Gunn caused a stir when he announced that the first new project in the rebranded DCU would be a Superman movie without former actor Henry Cavill. The project will focus on a young Clark Kent, but it will not be an origin story.

Artist Javier Sanchez shared a new fan art piece on Instagram showing Corenswet as the new DCU Superman. Audiences might be saddened to lose one of the old DCEU’s biggest stars when Cavill stepped down as Superman, but the fan art offers a smart choice for DC’s future. Coreswet looks like Superman jumping straight from a comic book page to life. Check out the fan art below:

Why David Corenswet Should Be Superman DCU

Sanchez also cites several reasons why Collenthwaite would be a great fit for Superman. One is that Corenswet is not a big name in Hollywood, which will allow him to grow as the character grows. The actor has appeared in a number of popular projects, but he hasn’t really been cast as one of cinema’s biggest names. If he’s going to get the Superman job in the current Gunn-written DCU reboot, Corenswet will give the role a clear roster and a much-needed breath of fresh air. The fact that the actor looks like Cavill in his youth may also appease some fans who are more upset about his departure from Superman.

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Coreswet has shown in previous roles that he has the charisma needed to embody both Superman’s Boy Scout attitude and Clark Kent’s charming nerd personality. The reported details of Gunn’s Superman script indicate that Superman will be closer to the start of his career. However, the film won’t be an origin story, as Gunn has revealed on social media that Superman has met other key DC characters when he’s next introduced. One of the beginnings for Corenswet to take on the role was when Clark joined the Daily Planet as a reporter and learned his way with the help of a young Lois Lane. A good choice to reboot Lois would be Lili Reinhart, who previously worked on Netflix’s Coreswet look both ways.

Corenswet, 29, will be able to lead DCU for the next 10 years. An important fact in favor of this choice concerns the fact that Corenswet himself expressed a desire to play Superman. Corenswet has openly stated in numerous interviews that his biggest ambition is to one day play Superman. After a time when public perception of the DCEU’s dark role in Superman hasn’t been the best, Corenswet could be the perfect choice to bring Clark back to his lighthearted comic roots. If Gunn keeps him in mind when choosing a new DCU, Coreswet could portray the character Superman fans know and love.

Source: Javier Sanchez/Instagram

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