Despicable Me 3: Meet the Mutiny – Leading Minion Mel

Fan countdown until Despise me 3 When you visit the theater, you will enjoy learning about the new Minion character of the movie – the traitor leader Mel. Based on the original characters introduced at the Universal distributor’s Illumination Entertainment premiere, directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Reynolds, the new film will feature returning director Helmer Coffin alongside co-directors Kyle Balda and Eric Giron.

Giving audiences of all ages a brand new animated adventure to get them excited for the sequel, Despise me 3 Gru and her adorable adopted children embark on an adventure to meet Gru’s long-lost and estranged twin, Drew, who leads a lavish lifestyle and is always interested in crime. international reflects an uneasy relationship with the film. The iconic star in a very different lifestyle. Steve Carell will return to voice Gru and Drew, as well as Kristen Wiig and Trey Parker – although they won’t be the only characters audiences will be excited about.

based on electronic warfarecast Despise me 3 Will be added for the third time – skip the subsection of 2015 henchman – The yellow minions are supported by a rebel leader named Mel. The ability for Mel to follow her own path instead of following in the footsteps of the leader, following her own motivations and inclinations, is sure to make a difference for longtime fans of the animated series. blockbuster image.

Partially based on the founder of Illumination Entertainment and Despise me 3 Producer Chris Meledandri, Meledandri is sure to quickly become a favorite for fans of these adorable yellow Minions. Talking about the idea behind creating new Minions as a voice of dissent, franchise co-director and longtime Universal veteran Kyle Balda explained the underlying motivations for the franchise. character Mel, note:

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“The minions patiently waited for Gru to get through this good period, but when that didn’t happen, Mel was the one who couldn’t take it anymore and spoke up so all the other minions were behind. he. Like, ” Bring it up! ‘ He embodies the voices that oppose Gru’s life choices. I think he’s the head of the union. Overall, Minions are a character in their own right, and it feels stronger when we can think of a personality to rise to.”

With luck, longtime fans of previous installments in the series will fully support the introduction of Mel, leader of the Minion Rebellion, as Despise me 3 Finally hitting theaters at the end of next month, the new film will be a huge hit. In the meantime, hope for the best from Illumination Entertainment’s latest animated series.

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