Elden Ring: Fingerslayer Blade Location & Uses

In the Lanny Witch Quest Elden’s ringshe asks the player to find what is called “Nokron’s Hidden Treasure”. This puzzlingly named object refers to Eldon’s Ring Fingerslayer Blade, but despite the name, it is classified as an important item, not a weapon. The only in-game use of Fingerslayer Blade is to give it to Ranni, the player’s reward is the Carian Reversal Statue.

True to its name, the hidden treasure lies in the Eternal City of Nokron, an underground area beneath the Limgrave above the Siofra River. Therefore, to get Fingerslayer Blade Elden’s ringthe player must venture into Nokron to get it. However, some adventurers may not know the location of the Eternal City Elden’s ring or how to access it. Also, the game doesn’t explain where to find the Fingerslayer Blade when they reach Nokron. Luckily, it’s not hard to find and the player can even outmaneuver most of the hostile enemies along the way.

Fingerslayer blade position unlocked

Enter the Eternal City of Nokrone and get the Fingerblade Elden’s ring, the player must defeat Kalid’s demigod Star Calamity Laden. This mid-game enemy is one of the most challenging bosses in Lands Between, but when players win, they’ll not only be rewarded with his memorial and a large rune, but also an area Completely new to discover.

A quick guide to congratulating on Radahn’s boss battles Elden’s ring Stay calm, check out the YouTube video from Rifle Gaming below!

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After successfully defeating Radahn, a cutscene will show a star falling from the sky and landing in the Limgrave forest. If the player goes to the area where the stars collide with the ground (the Forest of Mist), they will be able to enter the newly created crater and explore it.

Fingerslayer blade position inside Nokron

Map in Elden Ring showing the location of Nokron's hidden treasure

Continuing down the rift in the Middle Lands, the player will find the Eternal City of Nokron. After reaching the first Land of Grace, the player must fight the mandatory bosses to continue traversing overpasses that extend across the map. Boss is one Elden’s ring Mimic Tears (can be obtained later as Spirit Ash) and will become an exact replica of the player’s once activated.

To easily defeat the Mimic Tear Boss, players should wait and remove all weapons, armor, and spells before entering the boss room. Once the Mimic Tear has recreated this unarmed form, re-equip the weapon of your choice and let them take it!

After defeating the Mimic Tear and reaching the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace, the player needs to complete a short platforming challenge to find the Fingerslayer Blade. This is a somewhat complicated mission and players who need visual instructions should watch the video below from Games From Mars for exactly where to jump. Elden’s ring Ranni’s Finger Sword:

From the Land of Grace, jump off the cliff and onto the roof on the south side. Watch out for the gap and fall carefully to the ledge below. Go around the left corner and jump onto the opposite balcony. Continue parkour through the rooftops until you reach two silver tears, which will transform into human form as the player approaches. The player can attack them or dash left, through the archway to the church-like structure.

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After entering the chapel in Nokrón, the Eternal City, go to the first floor and attack or pass enemies to reach the main entrance. Make a U-turn on the edge of the cliff and dash through multiple Silver Tears (or fight them for more runes) to reach the giant hooded skeleton structure at the end. Inside the building, the player will find a treasure chest Eldon’s Ring Point to the blade.

What to do with the Fingerslayer blade

Image of Elden Ring witch Ranni superimposed on a translucent sphere

With the Knife in hand, the player can return to Lani and hand it over to the Carian Upside Down Statue. This item is used in the Carian Research Lobby to flip the entire building and allow the player to access previously inaccessible areas of the upper castle. Using the Carian inverted Statue is the only way to get to Saint Liurnia’s Tower, which contains the Mark of the Curse of Death. This is an important project with two different endings Eldon’s Ringso getting the Fingerslayer Blade for Ranni is something a lot of players might want to do at some point.

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