Why Arendelle & Northuldra’s Conflict May Not Be Over In Frozen 3

With Anna and Elsa living in Arendelle and Northurla respectively, Frozen 3 can delve deeper into the history of conflict between the two nations.

Ice 3 A future at Disney is confirmed and the unsolved mystery is over Ice 2 It has been suggested that its plot could continue the conflict between Arendelle and Nosudra. The behavior of Anna and Elsa’s grandfather, King Runard in Ice 2 At the heart of the bloody war between the two kingdoms, the union of Iduna and Agnar is why Elsa became the fifth Elf of the Elemental. However, these episodes seem to barely touch the deeper history of Arendelle and Nosurda, especially since the two sisters currently run each kingdom.

frozen 2 Due to Elsa’s decision to give up her father’s throne and instead stay with her mother’s men in Northurdra, Anna is crowned Queen of Arendelle. That seemed like a happy enough ending. However, this leadership change has been surprisingly smooth, as the two kingdoms were at war just a generation ago. King Agnarr’s father and several other Arendelles were killed in the battle that led to the curse of the Enchanted Forest. Therefore, their queen’s sudden departure to join Northuldra left them with a considerable conspiracy. Ice 3 discover.

Frozen 3 may further explore the conflict between Arendelle and Northuldra

Frozen 2 Nosudra

We know very little about how the conflict between the two kingdoms developed, other than that King Runard distrusted the northerners.exist Ice 2Later, Elsa realized that the fear of magic that had haunted her all her life was ingrained in her grandfather. This is tied to the first part. frozen In the movie, the people of Arendelle easily resist them because the Queen has magic. Maybe they were convinced — they finally appreciated her talent. However, it was hard to imagine them continuing to feel the same way after she joined them in their past enemy kingdom.

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for this reason, Ice 3 The clash between Northuldra and Arendelle could be deepened as changes to the Royal lineup could raise some issues in the past. Perhaps the sisters will dig deeper into the past to see where this came from. King Agnar has long been criticized for his handling of Elsa’s magical gifts, and for his relationship with his prejudiced father, King Runard, largely unexplored. all can play some role. The people of Arendelle can leave generations in fear against Elsa and her new country – especially when an old enemy affects them.

Frozen 3 could see the return of Prince Hans

Frozen 3 Prince Hans returns to fix the problem

If the conflict between Arendelle and Northuldra in Ice 3, there needs to be an evil mastermind behind the scenes. Since Arendelle has resisted Queen Elsa in the past, it’s understandable that the person herself will be back to do it again – this time with stronger motives. Prince Hans of the Southern Islands sent it back to his brothers after he cheated frozenBut Ice 3 It may be necessary to bring him back to end the series (assuming Disney plans to end the franchise as a trilogy).

With the release of the Enchanted Forest, the Southern Islands could send envoys to investigate Nosudra. With the presence of magic and the long theme frozen Because this often creates fear, they won’t like what they see. If Hans had set his sights on eliminating what he believed to be the “threat” of Nosudra, Arendelle could have easily caught his eye. He will once again attempt to use fear to turn the people of Arendelle against their past queen, which will put Anna in a bind.

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Can Frozen 3 put Anna and Elsa on opposite sides?

Anna and Elsa hold hands

Firstly frozen The film reveals that Anna and Elsa have been close since childhood, but Elsa’s fear of superpowers caused her parents to isolate them, thus causing a rift in their relationship. Of course, Anna’s sincere act of love removed this obstacle and Ice 2They are as close as sisters. However, the trauma of the past has not yet healed, and Ice 3 Sisters can be seen dealing with bad choices made by their parents in a variety of ways.

Given their history, it will be interesting to see how Anna and Elsa handle the opposite sides of the conflict between Arendelle and Nosudra. frozen The film focuses on the harm that fear can do, but so far, Anna has never been afraid of her sister (Elsa is more afraid of her own abilities). This raises the question of how if the two rulers were put in such a predicament, how would this affect their relationship. Ice 3 As a Disney movie, it’s more likely that Anna and Elsa will be stronger than before. Still, the conflict is an interesting prospect.

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