Are THOSE Big Characters Really Dead? What They Mean For Wednesday

warning! This article contains the key revelations for Wednesday’s Season 1 finale! WednesdayThe finale of season 1 brought the shocking fates of Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie) and Marilyn Thornhill/Laurel Gates (Christina Ricci) to the forefront of the story. had a huge impact. WednesdayThe season 1 finale revealed that Nevermore Academy teacher Marilyn Thornhill was actually Laurel Gates, who manipulated Article, Principal Weems, and Fourth Adams before Laurel herself attacked That, Principal Weems and Adams Tyler’s Hyde Wednesday kills both the homeless and the common people. Though Wednesday was healed by Goody Adams and the Thing resurrected by Uncle Fest, Never Again Academy suffered until the spirit of wayward Pilgrim Joseph Clarkstone was defeated and Laurel’s plan foiled. hamper. Catastrophic casualties.

The most important confirmed death WednesdayThe season 1 finale featured Larissa Weems, who influenced the development of Nevermore on Wednesday. After the principal deceives Taylor by turning into Taylor, Laurel poisons Weems, causing the school to lose its passionate leader. Wednesday Part 2. After Wednesday destroyed the resurrected Crackstone and prevented Nevermore’s eradication of the homeless, Laurel Gates arrived with a gun and attempted to kill Wednesday. Eugene stepped in and lowered his hive on Laurel, effectively immobilizing her before kicking her in the face on Wednesday. While Weems is certainly dead, Laurel’s fate remains unclear, despite the sheer number of bees stinging her.

Why Weems Principal Must Die on Wednesdays Part 1

Gwendoline Christie is one of the biggest names in the field Wednesday Season 1, so her character’s death was a surprise. However, Principal Weems’ death makes sense when it comes to solving the murder mystery of Pilgrim Joseph Clarkstone and the high risk of the Gates family’s genocide plan. While the deaths of Rowan and Mayor Walker are sad, the fact that they are rivals to Wednesday Adams makes their fates less fraught than the tragic death of her underground mentor, the Principal. Weems. Since Weems has long despised Jericho’s paranoid history of the homeless and the expensive reality of monster attacks on schools, her death also serves as atonement, as She sacrificed her life for her students.

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WednesdayThe season 1 finale needed to prove that Laurel’s plan to kill all the homeless was not one where school and Wednesday could pass quickly, and Weems’ death proved that mission This heinous act must pay dearly. The stakes were really high on Wednesday, with Weems’ death effectively fueling the notion that it was meant to stop Miss Thornhill and Crack Rock. Wednesday Season 1’s finale, as she’s one of the more complex characters that both Wednesday Adams and the audience are emotionally invested in.

Is Laurel Gates really dead? How She Came Back in Season 2

Netflix Wednesday Finale Marilyn Thornhill Laurel Gates Christina Ricci

While Wednesday retaliates by stomping on Laurel’s face, her enemies may not actually be dead yet Wednesday Season 1 finale. The Tim Burton-directed Netflix series doesn’t explicitly reveal what happened to Laurel after she was stung and kicked by Eugene’s bee on Wednesday, so the ending is ambiguous. she might suggest that her injuries led to her being hospitalized before going to prison. shows that a character doesn’t actually die unless the character is identified or sees a dead body, neither of which happens to Laurel Gates. Wednesday. Either way, it’s safe to say the addams family The usual Marilyn Thornhill/Laurel Gates character in the side story has yet to come to an end.

As Wednesday looks back on her first semester at Nevermore Academy, she begins to wonder if the plan to kill the homeless was orchestrated by Laurel and Taylor, or if someone else was having an impact. their murder or not. Wednesday In season 2, since she’s likely to go to jail for murdering Principal Weems and attempting to massacre the homeless, she can make a comeback by having Wednesday, Taylor, or someone else visit her. at work. When Wednesday suspects others are behind the scheme, Wednesday Season 2 can be seen Jenna Ortega asking the character Laurel without blinking to find out who she is working for.

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Larissa and Laurel’s deaths weren’t good for the cast on Wednesday

Gwendoline Christie as Principal Weems and Christina Ricci as Marilyn Thornhill in Season 1, Episode 4 of Wednesday

Larissa Weems and Laurel Gates are amazing people, in Wednesday The story of the first season and the history of the Addams family, so losing both of them is a major setback to a potential second season. Furthermore, Gwendoline Christie and Christina Ricci were unable to return Wednesday Season 2 means the Netflix series will lose two of its most popular actors. Player christie Game of ThronesBrienne of Tarth and Richie played in the 90s the addams family Wednesday addams in the movie, cho Wednesday Have a prominent role and will not be easily replaced.

Wednesday Season 1’s cast is mostly up-and-coming young actors, with big names like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman and Fred Armisen playing iconic supporting roles the addams family figure.America’s biggest stars besides Jenna Ortega WednesdayThe main cast includes Christie, Ricky and Ricky Lindholm (Dr. Valerie Kimbot), the latter three either dead or confirmed dead. If both Laurel and Larissa died Wednesday Once Season 1 is over, Season 2 will have the uphill task of recruiting an equally compelling cast with a history of playing outcast characters.

Who will replace Weems as Principal of Nevermore?

Netflix Wednesday Morticia Addams Wednesday Addams Larissa Weems

Wednesday Season 1 focused on the outcasts at Nevermore Academy, so the school introduced only a handful of adults, including Principal Weems and Miss Thornhill. With both men no longer at Nevermore, the principal has little choice when the outcasts return. Wednesday Part 2. The only famous teacher introduced Wednesday The cast of season 1 is Cezar Grumazescu’s coach, Vlad, although it seems unlikely the fencing coach will take over as principal. As a result, the replacement of Principal Weems is more likely to be an alumnus of Nevermore Academy, possibly a parent of one of them. Wednesday Outcast students from season one.

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Morticia Adams could be Nevermore’s new principal, as she’s an old roommate of Principal Weems, a student queen who remembers her time at school and is the parent of the most influential freshman. school. This will help Morticia and Wednesday have more opportunities to interact Wednesday Season 2 and keep the Addams family influence on Nevermore’s history. Xavier Thorpe’s famous father or Enid’s werewolf parents are unlikely to take on the role, so without Morticia, Wednesday Season 2 could choose a brand new character to replace the late Larissa Weems.

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