Sims 4 Modder Says They’ll Fix High School Years’ Biggest Problem

ONE The Sims 4 modders have announced their plans to help coming high school Expansion pack before the game’s release. Upcoming DLC ​​will add loads of new content The Sims 4 High school-focused teen features, including before and after school activities. It will be released on July 28. high school Will be the first full expansion to be released The Sims 4 for more than a year.

Students will go to high school every day in the new school The Sims 4 DLC, players can choose whether or not to track their Sims on a daily basis. The EP is designed to provide a holistic youth experience, including academic activities such as classes and exams, extracurricular activities such as sports teams and clubs, and special events. such as proms and graduations. high school The expansion pack will include a new world in the lakeside town of Copperdale. In the recent preview The Sims High School 4revealed that players can only book and use one high school within Copperdale, meaning teens from other areas cannot attend active schools.

famous The Sims 4 reformist Zeb Tabek (overcome Sims . Community) recently shared their intentions for the game on Twitter, saying that they would allow High School to exist in a world other than Copperdale. Zerbu later clarified to avoid fans placing too high expectations on the mod when it was first released, he said: “Initially, you can only change the location of one school, not multiple fieldsHowever, the creators admit to wanting more than one high school per save and say they’ll look into that over time.

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Modder Zerbu is no stranger to the popular, formerly modified school simulation game The Sims 4Their rabbit hole school was a positive experience long before the official expansion pack release, with their own mod called “Go To School”. Creators are a trusted resource in the gaming community, and the new promise of flexible locations for high schools is sure to help relieve stress for many fans who have been frustrated by the game. lack of location options. Usually when new usable buildings like restaurants or spas are introduced The Sims 4 universe, the player can place them in any world. Not sure why The Sims High School 4 It will be different in this regard, and the announcement of the restriction has shocked many fans, based on the precedent set by previous DLCs.

Although there are still many interesting new additions The Sims 4 Right after that, both sides high school Free expansion packs and updates through the base game, such as the game received The Sims 2Design freedom has always been an important part of the series in the Wish and Fear system, and many fans feel that this restriction undercuts that. The fact that the teen in the other world still disappeared as usual on the way to school in the morning, while the Copperdale teen was fully experienced, making many players feel uncomfortable. However, as has remained unchanged since the franchise began, The Sims 4 Modders continue to be the mainstay of the community, adding important features not found in EA.

source: Zeb Tabek/Twitter (from The Sims Community)

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