10 Must-Have Keycap Sets For Gamers, Ranked

Logitech recently released a Mac-optimized mechanical keyboard, opening up a whole new world of hardware devices for Apple users. Equipping your game setup with the right keycaps is one of the most important things a gamer can do. However, not all keycaps are created equal. For anyone new to the world of custom keyboards, the sheer number of options on the market can be overwhelming.

While some keyboard covers are not compatible with certain keyboards, others may not be durable or comfortable to use (or may not have the best response times or use materials). best material). There are many options on the market, so some gamers may wonder which is the best.

HK gaming custom keycaps

Price: $50

HK Gaming’s custom keycaps are a great choice for gaming, featuring an American mechanical layout. These include Cherry configurable PBT keycap sets. Due to the higher form factor, the keycaps are comfortable even for long periods of use compared to the OEM configuration, which also makes the keycaps extremely durable.

They are compatible with most mechanical keyboards and include 108 keys, 31 extra keys, mac modifiers, and key pullers. This allows the user to easily replace damaged or worn keys over their lifetime. One feature that users miss is the backlit keys. Users can find this kit for around $50 from the company’s website.

Havit Keycap Backlight PBT

Price: $25

Havit Keycap Backlight PBT

Havit Keycaps Backlit PBT are made from double shot PBT keys that provide excellent durability over time. One of the standout features is the fully translucent keys with RGB backlighting, which really enhances the experience when users play games like Horizon: Forbidden West. This gives the keyboard a very distinctive and eye-catching look, especially when gaming in low light.

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The keys are also easy to set up thanks to the included keycap puller. Set includes 104 keys and 4 blank keycaps. Keycaps are compatible with most standard size mechanical keyboards on the market. Although gamers may miss some specific keys included in other packages. Users can find this toolkit for around $25 on their website.

HK gaming rubber keyboard set

Price: $25

Pictures of HK Gaming rubber keycaps

The HK Gaming Rubber Keycap Kit, as the name suggests, includes two-tone rubber-faced ABS keycaps that provide incredible grip during fast games. The rubber keycaps also add to the overall durability of the keycaps, which is great for playing games like Elden Ring for extended periods of time.

Kits are based on OEM configurations, making them widely compatible with other keyboards. The lack of RGB options and the fact that the set includes only 23 keys may upset some gamers. This kit is designed to replace only some of the most used keys on your keyboard. Users can find the set for around $24.99 on the company’s website.

SteelSeries prism cap

Price: $24.99

SteelSeries PRISMCAPS Keyboard Images

The SteelSeries PRISMCAPS not only looks good, with a white top and translucent sides, but the PBT plastic they’re made from is incredibly strong and durable. Thanks to the materials used, the keycaps last a long time and look great under any kind of RGB lighting.

This set includes 104 white keycaps and comes with a high quality puller keycap that can also be used with other keycaps. While this is a solid option for gamers, the price tag is on the high side. The set can be found on the company’s website for around $29.99.

Akko Neon Key 157

Price: $75

Akko Neon key image 157

The Akko Neon keycap set contains a whopping 156 keycaps, the most among its competitors. This kit is based on cherry profiles and is compatible with pretty much any MX switch. The double use of PBT resin makes it durable and not easy to fade or fray.

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The large number of buttons also allows users to customize and adjust their settings, adding an extra layer of personalization. The unique bright blue, red and purple colors are not only pleasing to the eye, but also work well with light. One thing to note is that the company’s customer service is below average. The product is on sale for $75 on Amazon.

138-key PBT keycap DYE-SUB

Price: $40

Image of PBT 138 keycaps DYE-SUB

The DYE-SUB keycap set has a nostalgic style, a retro black and white design, simple and beautiful. This is one of the factors that makes some gamers give up. This set contains 138 keycaps including alternative options.

The bi-fold PBT keycaps are extremely durable and won’t fade or wear out on a daily basis. The keycaps are based on a cherry profile, which also makes them a great choice for long gaming sessions. The design of the keycaps themselves makes it easy for users to navigate between the different keys. One can find keycaps for $40 on the company’s website.

Razer Doubleshot Keycaps PBT

Price: $30

Razer Doubleshot Keycaps PBT

Razer makes some of the best keycaps on the market, but the downside is that they’re only compatible with Razer keyboards. The keycaps themselves provide excellent grip for fast-paced gaming sessions, and the two-tone PBT makes them durable and fade-resistant.

This kit is also compatible with optical and mechanical keyboards. The keycaps are also optimized for backlighting, making them a great choice for dark gaming. Users can find the product on the company’s website for $29.99.

DROP Red Suns GMK Blue Warriors

Price: $150

DROP Red Suns GMK Blue Warriors

DROP Redsuns Keycaps GMK contains a set of 55 keycaps, not suitable for full-size mechanical setups. The ABS suit offers the best material feel on the market and the gray, blue and black with gold lettering give it a sophisticated yet unique look.

ABS plastic material is also very durable and can be used for a long time. These keycaps are a must-have accessory for gamers. The GMK Blue Samurai set can be purchased from the company’s website for $150.

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Price: $27


One of the best things about the YMDK ANSI ISO key set is that it includes 125 keys, including some additional surrogate keys. The key set has a striking appearance including white and black, orange and blue.

The keycap kit is based on the OEM configuration and also works with Cherry MX switches, so it’s very compatible. One thing to note, however, is that it won’t work with a Corsair Razer keyboard. The keycaps feel quite good to hold, but the PBT material is durable and suitable for long gaming sessions. The product is on sale for $27 on Amazon.

YMDK Double Shot 104 . Keyset

Price: $19.99

Image of YMDK Double Shot 104 . key set

The YMDK Double Shot key set is built from some of the finest PBT materials available for added durability and resilience against daily wear and tear. The translucent finish also makes them compatible with RGB lighting.

This set is based on widely used OEM profiles and is based on ANSI layouts that provide good compatibility. One thing to note is that this set of keys is not compatible with Corsair and most compact mechanical keyboards. You should ensure that this set of keys is compatible with existing keyboards before purchasing. One can find the YMDK kit on Amazon for $19.99.

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