Elden Ring: How To Make The Perfect Ranged Build

Ranged builds in Elden Ring provide significant damage while fighting from a safe distance. Being able to fire with a bow or crossbow provides accuracy, but sometimes isn’t the fastest option. In addition, some already swift bosses will require a few backup weapons, ammo, and spells.

Focusing mostly on ranged attacks isn’t the most common Elden Ring build. However, it can be an excellent means of going through a new playthrough. Additionally, waiting for a second run allows a fresh start but with endgame gear and items.

How To Distribute Stat Points

Main stats and items will change slightly based on how many weapon options the player wants. Players will want the minimum strength and dexterity to hold all their primary and secondary weapons. From there, the main combat stat will depend on an individual weapon’s scaling.

Standard longbows favor dexterity, and Elden Ring greatbows use more strength. If wielding either, players will want to get the corresponding strength stat of 40 and get the most out of any remaining extra points. Crossbows begin with no scaling, making additional strength or dexterity pointless investments. Instead, players will need to invest in mental stats, i.e., intelligence, faith, and arcane, to wield any desired magic skills. All other remaining points should go into vigor and endurance.

Best Ranged & Melee Weapons

Elden Ring: How To Make The Perfect Ranged Build

Elden Ring is filled with multiple different ranged and melee weapons. It is helpful to have several varieties to combat various monsters and bosses. The following weapons should be considered for their different Elden Ring strengths and weaknesses.

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Attack, Function


Black Bow

High physical damage with barrage weapon skill

Leyndell Royal Capital

Pulley Bow

Physical damage mighty shot weapon skill bow

The siege tower in Mt Gelmir

Serpent Bow

Arcane scaling bow with a mighty shot

Near a rotting pool in Abandoned Cave



Attack, Function



High-damage physical crossbow with kick weapon skill

Stormvell Castle

Pulley Crossbow

Multi-fire three-show crossbow also with kick weapon skill

Site of Grace in Craftsman’s Shack



Attack, Function


Lion Greatbow

High damage great bow with the Radahn’s Rain weapon skill

Forged by Enia with the Remembrance of the Starscourge dropped by killing Starscourge Radahn

Golem Greatbow

Very powerful great bow with the through and through attack

Randomly dropped from Golem Archer enemies; found in Elden Ring places like Stormhill, Caelid colosseum, or at the top part of Grand Lift of Dectus



Attack, Function


Serpent Arrow

Poison damage arrows

Sold by Dragonbarrow Isolated Merchant

Golden Bolt

Armor-piercing bolt

Sold by the Hermit Merchant

Burred Bolt

Bleed damage bolt

Sold by the Imprisoned Merchant in Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum

Lightning Bolt

80 damage Lightning bolt

Sold by Nomadic Merchant in Atlus Plateau

Golem Magic Arrow

125 magic damage using great arrows

Dropped from Golem archers

Dexterity Melee Weapons


Attack, Function


Great Knife

Quickstep dagger

Bandit starting weapon or dropped from demi-human enemies

Scorpion’s Stinger

Scarlet rot build up the dagger

Found at the Lake of Rot


Unsheathe weapon skill-based katana

Dropped by the Bloody Finger Hunter Yura found near the Seaside Ruins

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Even with all weapons and ammo collected, players should consider also finding several Elden Ring spells. These include the likes of Thop’s Barrier to stop magic, Unseen Form from becoming invisible, and Tibia’s Summons for a few extra skeleton minions. Additionally, if one has spare runs, one should practice aiming and timing long-ranged shots before heading into battle directly.

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