Goodfellas True Story: The Real Life Gangster Morrie Is Based On

good guy Based on true stories and real-life gangsters, the names of many of them have been changed, leaving viewers confused as to which characters are based on real people and which are not. The character Maury Kessler (Chucklow) is one of those characters that viewers wonder if he is based on a real person, and here is the story behind this character. The gangster genre is very popular with the audience, one of the most important names in this field is Martin Scorsese, he has done several gangster movies, but is still considered one of the movies. his best good guy.

Based on this book Clever manpublished by Nicholas Pileggi in 1990, good guy chronicles the life of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), from his teenage obsession with the neighborhood mafia and running errands for Paul Cicero (Paul Sorvino) and his men, to his full involvement in Lucchese crime Years later, his family and staff decided to become FBI informants. During his time with the gang, Henry befriended many big names like Jimmy “Gentleman” Conway (Robert De Niro) and Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci), as well as one of the crew members who played a major role. In the arc in Of the three characters, Maury Kessler is a wig shop owner who has some unfinished business with Jimmy Conway.

The conflict between Maury and Jimmy is one of the most important subplots. good guy, because he owes Jimmy money, and Jimmy won’t let him get away with it. Murray was also a key figure in planning the Lufthansa heist, as he learned about it and informed the crew. Because he was involved in planning the robbery, he demanded a large amount of money from Jimmy, but Jimmy was not satisfied. Morrie insisted it was a bit too much, and in the end Jimmy killed him. Like many other colleagues in the Lucchese family good guyMorrie is based on a real-life gangster, though not as prominent as Hill, Conway, and DeVito.

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good guy‘Maury Kessler based on Martin Krugman, Jimmy Burke (Conway in good guy) and Hill and someone like Morrie, who owned a wig shop and men’s barbershop in Queens. Like his fictional counterpart, Krugman was the first to arrive at Hill, and through him to Burke, about a possible grand robbery at the Lufthansa station, and was one of the crew involved in the incident. theft. Now, in the face of the recklessness of several members of the Lufthansa team, most notably Parnell “Stax” Edwards (played by Samuel L. Jackson), Burke has become paranoid, thinking that one of them will react. Betrayal should decide to kill anyone. who could become a threat, starting with Edwards (who forgot to dispose of the truck they were using, thus tipping the Burke government and company). When Krugman demanded a $500,000 deduction from the robbery, he became stressed and angry, which only made Burke think that Krugman could easily have informed the FBI and killed him.

Henry Hill claimed that Krugman’s remains (as he was dismembered by Burke and Angelo Sepe) were buried in the Robert Lounge club, but his body was never found. Murray was murdered good guy It’s one of the moments that best illustrates how dangerous Jimmy Conway is and how far he can go to keep the authorities away from him as part of the crew.

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