10 Harry Potter Candies That Fans Would Love To Try

this Harry Potter Franchising Introduce viewers to a range of fascinating and engaging new characters, places, and cultures. The wizarding world certainly has its own food, with menus drawn from many British classics, as well as some surprising selections that can only be found in this land of witches and wizards.

Candy is an important part of British culture and plays an important role in the wizarding world. Places like Honeydukes have a variety of candies that fans love to try. But these treats are more than simply Muggle treats, and often have shocking variations or magical side effects that everyone is willing to try for themselves.

Bertie Botts Beans in Many Flavors

Bertie Botts has become one of the most famous candies in the wizarding world. Jelly beads are inspired by traditional Muggle candy, but the difference is that they come in a variety of flavors that people don’t expect.

From famous treats like blueberry lemonade, to scary surprises like earwax, and even hidden treats like toothpaste, there really is a bean to satisfy every palate. known.

Weezy Bee’s hiss

Fizzing Whizzbees are sherbet flavored balls that will surprise anyone who has tried them. Although there appear to be no actual flies in these meals, it is rumored that wasps contain some animals.

When eaten, the consumer actually floats slightly above the ground due to the powerful magic inside it. It’s a fun experiment that everyone wants to try, even though the effects of these candies quickly wear off.

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Inconvenience when urinating

U-No-Poos is of course one of the many inventions of the Weasley twins. Over the years, they’ve created a variety of gags, each with terrible side effects and can be used to prank friends and foes alike.

However, U-No-Poo has always stood out, perhaps because of its amusing name, a reference to the Dark Lord himself. Consumers will have stomach ailments and need to use the toilet more than usual, which is a funny, even cruel joke for some friends.

chocolate frog

Harry's First Chocolate Frog

Famous Aurors, Ministry of Magic members, scholars, Hogwarts headmasters and powerful wizards all appear on special cards inside the box of chocolate frogs. The portraits on these cards sometimes disappear.

In addition to the collectible cards, the chocolate frogs themselves are enchanted, and they behave like frogs. However, when bitten in, they have a delicious chocolate taste. Catching them can be a daunting task, but buying them can be a lot of fun.

explosive lollipop

Exploding Bon Bons are made with two main ingredients. Cocoa is, of course, a common ingredient in candies and rather strange coconut dynamite. These two elements work together to create a pretty tasty snack.

However, as the name suggests, they also have a very strange side effect. Some of them actually explode when eaten. While they can’t hurt, it’s a strange feeling that can be a bit like exploding candy, but on a much larger scale.

Glue flies

Gummy Flies is a fun game based on a Muggle classic. While fondant and chocolate go well together, popular Honeydukes love to combine traditional recipes with their own desserts.

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The result is a pliable fly, which doesn’t seem to have any magical additions but is shaped like a real fly. Chances are, there may actually be real animals in this dish.

Imp . black pepper

The exterior of the Honeydukes store from the Harry Potter series

Black Pepper Imp is another candy sold by Honeydukes that can be used to trick teachers that students don’t like. The name mimics the word mint, although these mints don’t really taste like mint.

They are very fiery in nature and not only give off a chili-like flavor but also allow the consumer to breathe fire. As a result, smoke also comes out of the nose and ears, making for a rather humorous sight.

sounds sweet

Vocal candy is part of Harry’s third year at Hogwarts, and the boys’ dorm has earned a pack. Teenagers are intrigued by the various side effects of these candies.

Candy may taste different, but they also sound completely different. Elephants, lions and steam engines, as well as the smoke coming out of Harry’s ears, are examples of the sweets that came from this selection.

swarm of cockroaches

Cockroaches are actually made of cockroaches! While this idea may not appeal to many, they look a bit like nuts and are indeed a favorite of wizards and witches.

It’s a niche product that has been used to scam family members before, with many trying to convince their loved ones and even friends that these products are junk. petty and nothing more worrisome.

Sour soft drink

Honeydukes sells a particularly unsettling candy, and fans may want a challenge. Food challenges are still popular, and hot wings and other fiery snakes help challenge the taste buds.

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Well, sour pop is a candy that even the strongest of Muggles might not really want to try. The candy was so hot it could burn anyone’s tongue. It’s painful, but it doesn’t deal real damage and the spell can heal wounds in seconds.

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