Pokémon Legends: Arceus – Every Shellos Location (Request 45)

exist Legendary Pokémon: Arceusplayers can unlock”Requirement 45: Blows of the East and West” Find Clothier Ansi in Jubilev Village. However, the player must complete the ninth main line quest to unlock this quest,”Discover the story“They also need to complete the Anser side quests”Requirement 24: Inspired by hippoOnce the player has completed the in-game story, they can talk to Anthe in Jubilife Village to complete the quest, as she draws inspiration from the vibrant colors of Shellos. In addition to providing side quests, Anthe also provides Legendary Pokémon: Arceus.

To complete the quest, the player needs to find two types of Pokémon Nudibranch shells. West Sea Shells are bright pink and white and can be found in two areas of the Southern Obsidian Fields, the Sanjem Plain and Lamanas Island. In addition to Belos, players also have a chance to catch its evolved form Gastrodia elata at the above locations. Like Shellos, the East Sea and West Sea variants of the Gastroden come in a variety of colors.

It’s worth noting that Alpha Sniff roams the area, so players should exercise caution when hunting Pokémon Nudibranch. If Alpha Snorlax spots the player, the player may want to use a Wyrdeer riding Pokémon to speed up their escape. In addition, there is the possibility of a large-scale disease outbreak Legendary Pokémon: Arceus West Sea Shells in the Obsidian Fields, will result in a large number of Pokémon spawning and greatly increase the player’s chances of finding Shiny Pokémon.

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ Quest 45 Find the East Sea Bellos

Head to the Cobalt Coast and head to Tranquility Bay or Seagrass Paradise for the vibrant blue and green seashells of the South China Sea. However, to find the Water Nudibranch, players will need to use the Legion Bascu mount. As a result, the green and blue East Sea shells are harder to find of the two variants, requiring the player to progress further in the game to unlock the surf-riding Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon: Arceus.

Not only do the players need to find these two shells to complete the quest, but they also need to obtain them and register them in their Pokédex. To catch these Pokémon, the player may need to approach carefully and throw a berry to distract them before throwing the Poké Ball. In general, Shellos are docile, easy to catch and often found at lower levels. Due to the high spawn rate of sea slugs, if the player misses their attempt to catch a colorful sea slug Pokémon, they will easily find another one. Players can even find shiny balls Legendary Pokémon: Arceus With any luck.

After the player successfully captures the blue East Sea shells and the pink white West Sea shells, they should return to Jubilife Village and give them to Anthe to complete the quest.”Requirement 45: Blows of the East and West” and accept their next mission. Completing this quest line will also unlock more clothing options at the clothing store in Jubilife Village.

Legendary Pokémon: Arceus Compatible with Nintendo Switch.

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