Usopp’s 6 Most Incredible Achievements in One Piece

a member of femaleThe Straw Hat Pirates are often looked down upon more than others, but Usopp’s accomplishments are more impressive than he’s generally credited with. He was originally introduced as Eiichiro Oda’s version in “Boy crying wolfBut it didn’t take long for one of the original members of Luffy’s crew to establish his unique eccentric personality. Although he is known for telling fairy tales and was one of the first members to overreact to danger, the truth is that it proves that he is trustworthy and indispensable. for everyone. femaleThe best pirate crew ever.

Every member of Luffy’s crew has come a long way since their introduction. Usopp is a young man who left his good friend Kaya and his sugar village in the East China Sea to become a great warrior of the sea, just like his father. Years later, so many stories and lies he told Kaya female Complete throughout his adventure. Straw Hat snipers also perform miracles that will spread around the world female A world even years after the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates ended.

Big Mom’s 6 Contributions in Conquering Dominion

Wano is the biggest installment the series has seen to date, and it sees many actors gain new weapons and abilities. Usopp joins A piece The country of Wano, but the survivors of Onijima’s attack said otherwise. BIG MOM’s battle with Kid and Law saw her conqueror’s arrogance rise across the stronghold. Usopp happened to engage an enemy in this area where the energy surfaced, knocking down dozens of Kaido’s soldiers. Usopp credits him for ensuring that the warriors who survived the battle spread the word that he had access to powers normally reserved for the world’s most powerful warriors.

5 clips from Stampede and RED

Usopp has many words female step foot on something And Red That’s great when they need to be mentioned. Whether it’s a rogue member of the Pirate King Roger’s crew, or a lost musician in possession of an apocalyptic devil fruit, Usopp is there to save the day. step foot on somethingNemesis Douglas Bullet single-handedly took down Luffy and the rest of the Worst Generation. However, he was ultimately thwarted by underestimating Usopp’s skills, strategically placing bound tree seeds to restrain powerful enemies, allowing Luffy to acquire powerful new technology and win the battle.

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The Dressrosa part comes later on this list, but it’s Usopp’s observations in Awakening that really shine. a red pieceorgasm. Using life energy readings, Usopp was able to communicate with his father while locked in a separate dimension. All factions are fighting RedThe final threat from two different dimensions, the “Demon’s Song” (Red It’s one of those weird movies. ) Without Usopp and his father using arbitrary observation and group coordination, a large group femaleThe world will die because of Uta’s power.

Defeat Perona in Thriller Bark

The manga panel from One Piece Chapter 466 shows Usopp using a giant inflatable hammer that reads

Like Usopp, Thriller Bark is underrated female An arc often receives more criticism than it deserves. Containing many of the great moments that made the Straw Hats shine, it also offers opponents Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji have a hard time defeating in Perona. However, she has the ability to drain the spirit and will to live of anyone it touches, but is useless against Usopp, as this ability is nullified by Usopp’s constant negative perception. Using his wits and this advantage, he devised a strategy to successfully take out Perona with a ridiculously large fake 10-ton mallet.

3 Duel Luffy Underwater 7

A scene from the One Piece anime shows Usopp delivering a powerful blow to Luffy, who is blown away against a white background with blood in the air.

The Water 7 and Eines Lobby installments are among the top installments on the series’ readership list, and contain two of Usopp’s top three feats on this list. A piece The crew of the Straw Hat Pirates had their money stolen under his care, and the badly damaged Going Merry was deemed unfit to sail. At a time when Merry seemed to have lost his usefulness, Usopp feared the same for himself, and this pressure led him to lash out at Luffy. After one of the group’s most heated conversations, many readers thought it was a fight femaleThe best thing that ever happened between Luffy and Usopp.

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Usopp is said to not be able to fight much with the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, a crew of powerful men like pirate hunter Roronoa Zoro and Blackfoot Sanji.constant female The power level debate increased the tension of the battle, and left viewers stunned as Usopp went all out and used everything in his arsenal to prove his abilities and usefulness. to Luffy’s advantage – use Skypia’s multiple explosions and shocks to unleash devastating blows. . Although Usopp ultimately lost the battle, he proved that with the right planning, he can become an effective fighting asset, even against someone as gifted as he is. Luffy.

2 Enies Lobby Ranged Shooting

A manga from Chapter 419 of the One Piece manga shows soldiers being knocked down while escorting Robin across a long bridge.  A masked figure is shown atop the tower as a sniper.

As Enies Lobby nears the thrilling end, most of the Straw Hats are engaged in a mortal battle with the powerful CP9 government agent. During this time, Robin was escorted to one of the femaleRescue from one of her many mysterious locations, the Gate of Justice, is impossible until soldiers begin to descend around her one by one. The long passage was more than a mile from the position of the sniper, who had successfully shot down several marines with a special slingshot. Due to tension between Usopp and the crew, he took on the role of Sogeking to help save Robin. The moniker calls himself the Sniper King, a title his most astonishing feats will help him achieve in earnest.

1 Usopp’s Dressrosa on Sugar Shot

A scene from the One Piece anime shows Usopp preparing to shoot from a distance with his giant slingshot.  His goal is in a tall castle in front of him.

if usopp is not a big deal female In the world before the Dressrosa incident, Doflamingo’s impression of him really changed. A sniper takes down Tangtang, an integral member of Doflamingo’s team. one of her terrifying abilities femaleThe most powerful Devil Fruit, turning humans into toys and erasing all memories of the victim. After she lost consciousness, everyone and their memories returned, and Dressrosa started a rebellion. When his master plan begins to go awry, pirate leader Don Quixote seals the island in a deadly miniature cage and sets the bounty on Luffy and Usopp. However, Usopp is just warming up to his most impressive moments.

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Usopp knocks Sugar down before accidentally swallowing a spicy candy designed to make her impotent. The face he made made Tangtang faint with fear, but she turned around and tried to use her powers on Luffy and Law, their powers mean nothing and never will. Usopp was on the other side of the city, lower, separated by a wall of windows no bigger than his ammunition depot. At this point, Usopp unlocked Observation Domineering, allowing him to see life energy. Using a giant slingshot, he fires a small rocket that is accelerated multiple times, changing its trajectory to approach the target, wounding Sugar again with a balloon shaped like a slingshot. Usopp’s face.

The Straw Hat sniper deserves more praise for his ingenuity and keen eye. female Not the type to focus on constant big battles and rank the strongest and the weakest female crew. Instead, the series focuses on the adventures and strong relationships between its cast members. Usopp represents the closest thing the Straw Hat Pirates have to an ordinary person, and viewers can get closer to the average person in an all-star crew. As it turned out, Usopp was trustworthy and had long since achieved his goal of becoming a brave warrior of the sea. After that, he became stronger female Complete.

Source: Crunchyroll Collection/YouTube (Usopp Supreme Overlord Harkilet, Usopp’s Bravest Moments)

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