Zatanna Cosplay Recreates Justice League Sorcerer with Practical Magic

The new Zatanna cosplay costume recreates the Justice League’s resident witch – with actual magic. Zatanna is one of the most powerful magic users in the DC Universe, and a member of the Justice League and Justice League Dark; She’s seen characters like the Great Shadow and the Upside Down Man, and now cosplayer papermooncosplay has done an awesome cosplay shot that shows Zatanna working her magic on a deck of cards.

Zatanna has a deep history in the DC universe since the heyday of comics. Her father Zatara first appeared in Landmark Action Comics #1 And had a distinguished career for many years. Zatara eventually retired and got married. His daughter Zatanna inherited his magical talent and started a heroic career similar to him. First appeared in 1964 The Hawkman #4, Zatanna went on to become one of DC’s most famous magic users, eventually earning a spot in the Justice League. When not playing with the Federation, Zatanna also enjoys the career of a world-renowned stage musician; she also had a relationship with John Constantine. Zatanna has appeared in many live-action and animated adaptations, notably small town And juvenile justice. Zatanna is a fan favorite, and now a new cosplay showcases the witch in all her magical glory.

In an Instagram post, papermooncosplay shared the photo. It depicts Zatanna sitting at a bar with a drink and her signature headgear in front of her. Facing the audience, Zatanna was casting a spell that seemed to blow up a deck of cards; they are enveloped in a blue mist. Papermoon explains that the floating cards are actually an item she makes to carry around in meetings; she admits she got the idea from another cosplayer. Fans greeted the photo with enthusiasm; It has received more than 400 likes.

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Zatanna is one of DC’s strongest mages

Zatanna is one of Justice League’s unsung heroes, a powerful magic user whose lineage stretches back to the Golden Age — and papermooncosplay’s new film perfectly captures everything about greatness. great of Zatanna. The picture is completely manga style, including her wand and hat. In the DC Universe, Zatanna is a stage magician who usually resides in Las Vegas. The drinks at the bar and the overall atmosphere of the photos are reminiscent of an after-show party, where she decorates the whole house; Zatanna continued to impress the audience with a little trick in the side performance. Papermoon takes it to the next level with her floating card props, making her truly believe in magic.

Zatanna was originally slated to star in her own live-action film, directed by Emerald Fennell, but that was the accident of a Warner Bros./Discovery Channel merger; with James Gunn currently running DC Films, Zatanna might one day make a live-action debut. However, fans eager to see Zatanna in action just need to watch the footage of the paper moon cosplay that brings the Justice League witch to life.

Source: paper.moon.cosplay

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