Who Could Bring Down Joe In You Season 5? Netflix Showrunner Teases Returns

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers for season 4 of Who Can Take Down Joe Goldberg? Friend Season 5 is in charge of producer Sera Gamble. The second half is currently streaming on Netflix, Friend Season 4 changed the course of the series in a big way. While it’s unclear how much Kate (Charlotte Ridge) knows about Joe (Penn Badgley)’s past, she has the resources and PR team to help him clean up his image. More disturbingly, Joe doesn’t seem to have much guilt for committing crimes and doing things that he feels he needs to protect himself.

But in a new comment shared with TV lineGamble reveals that Joe has yet to be acquitted. The co-creator and host revealed that the writers had tracked down anyone who knew the truth about Joe, sharing details about some of them, and making it clear that the main character wasn’t safe to go. enter Friend Section 5. Gamble is quoted as follows:

“We’ve been carefully monitoring everyone who knows that Joe isn’t dead yet. Dead people still appear in dreams and hallucinations. There are some very intelligent people who are still alive. Some of them are. is in prison, some people are basically He’s under witness protection, but there’s no reason to believe he’s safe.”

Who will return in Season 5?

Her name is not mentioned, but Jenna Ortega’s Allie is a good candidate Friend Season 5 is back, especially after the absence of season 4. Gamble has said that there are plans to bring the character back, but because Ortega is busy Wednesday. For her part, Ortega has also stated that she hopes to return as early as season 3.

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Other comeback contenders include Paco (Luca Padovan), who hasn’t been seen since Friend Season 1. There’s also Dr. Nicky, who makes an early appearance on the show. Friend Season 4 increased the total because both Marianne (Tati Gabriel) and Nadia (Emily Hickman) knew Joe’s abilities very well, and so did Season 3’s Shirley (Sharita Grant) and Cary (Travis Van Winkle).

If that happens, Badgley suggests, Friend Season 5 may be over. It’s too early to say what the final episodes will be like, but it’s safe to assume that Joe will get some kind of retribution from all the different people for being treated badly. It’ll be a clean and satisfying goodbye to this twisted romantic thriller, especially if Jo’s demise comes from thousands of little clips, each representing a returning character. .

Source: TVLine

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